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Weird rumors and Green GSX-Rs

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While it will be no real problem for consumers on a purely functional basis on an emotional level people may revolt. I like Kawasaki's for the raspy sound and rough and tough reputation they have. They may lack refinement but they have lots of personality. To rebadge a Suzuki wouldn't cut it for me. If I wanted a Gixxer I would buy a Suzuki. This will not work for the brand loyal of either mark and I don't really see the point of the same bike with two name badges.
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The idea of a Kawasaki green GSXR-750 really makes me want to lose my lunch.

Try to imagine a world without the ZX-7R or GSXR-750. Both of these bikes have been the building blocks of SBK and with the new 1000cc rule coming up for superbikes, it looks like both of these bikes will start to slip from memory fast in the near future.

I would love to see each company focus there efforts on the 600cc and 1000cc technology (applauding Suzuki's efforts) along with developing the GP1 rides. 600s are way too close to catching the 750s and it really isn't that cost effective to the consumer to pay liter bike prices for 750 technology. Just my 2 cents though.
copy cat engineering?

Kawi wouldn't rebadge a GSXR?? Really. A few years ago they built a vulcan cruiser that tried to copy a soft-tail as closely as possible. Gee, doesn't the suzuki marauder look like a sportster? Hmm, what a coincidence.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries wants out of the bike business and will not ante up the millions it will cost to build a new ZX line.
i'm a kawi owner myself and was severely dissapointed when they stopped developing the 7R. The fact that they're still selling that 550 lb. hefer of a bike as "cutting edge" (just read the promo material) just ticks me off. personally, i think that kawi will prob steal the 750 mill and jam it into the corporate bodywork, which wouldn't necesarily be a bad thing... at least it'll be an update.

p.s. are they planning on bringing the 636 to north america anytime soon?
Re: copy cat engineering?

So everyone produces a copy of hot-selling models. So what? Thats the way of the world. (Hello, microsoft) Contrary to your statement, compared to the steel and other low margin heavy industries in the KHI lineup, the motorbike biz is very attractive to them. They really don't want to exit this industry. The thinking is if they can squeeze costs--spend little on R&D-- and bring back the glory days of the Japanese domestic market, maybe they could just ride out this tough period. It probably won't happen if the Chinese and Koreans crush the Japanese collectively in the intl market.

Anyway, I wish they survive...I would miss those nasty sounding, corny green machines.

No, word has it that the 636 will be for Europe only and keep the current ZX-6R for the US so as to keep it legal for AMA Supersport racing. World Supersport racers running ZX's will run last year's bikes. (As with all things 2 wheel related, subject to change w/o notice and subject to correction!)
Green GSXR? Aint-a-gonna-happen.

Especially if the powers that be, and do, do their research.

To include this web site. As they do. (hopefully)
Re: copy cat engineering?

No, actually the Marauder doesn't look at all like a Sportster. Look again.
"Reports from Europe are saying that, for instance, Kawasaki's new (perhaps as early as the 2003 model year) ZX-7R will be little more than a modern Suzuki GSX-R750 painted green, slathered with Kawasaki badging where appropriate..."

I'm just curious... can you tell us what the source(s) are for the "reports from Europe"?

Any of the stories I have read say that Kawi has been losing money in motorcycles for the past decade. I guess we'll see 5 years from now how this story ends.

They quote a senior Suzuki manager: "for now we are only changing the colour of the machines.." read it and weep

I have a japanese website addy if you can read japanese language.
I read in MCN that Kawasaki and Suzuki will introduce a new motorcycle to the market in 2 years time with a new badge. As much as I'd hate to see the Ninja&GSX-R line disappear, this would be a better move than to badge a GSX-R a Ninja. MCN also reported that a few Kawasaki bikes in 250-400 class were rebadged as Suzukis, and Suzuki Burgman 250/400 (and perhaps the 650 in the future)scooters were rebadged as Kawasakis.

I think rebadging may work on dual purposes, cruisers, scooters, tourers and commuters but if they try to apply this the sportsbike line-up, they will fail miserably.

Re: copy cat engineering?

He must have meant the Savage, which does very obviously mimick Sportster styling but can't be called a real copycat because it's an entirely different motor i.e. thumper not V-twin.
Re: copy cat engineering?

"Gee, doesn't the suzuki marauder look like a sportster?"

Um, no.
Re: copy cat engineering?

You guys need glasses. The Savage doesn't look anything like a Sportster either.
uh what was the question?

It seems that the dons DO pay attention to these boards. Kawi just issued a press release denying the rebadging of their sportbikes. And here I was feeling sorry for myself thinking no-one cared. I better shut up before they sic their lawyers on me!
First, sorry, I just can't help myself.

Could the new brand be one of the following:







and for the combined cruiser...

Nomading Marauder

Marauding Nomad





Maybe Suzuki-Kawasaki could combine the old Calvacade with the Voyager, as an update, and call it:



I could go on forever.....

Now before you flame on, my first bike was a Kawasaki and have very fond memories of it. Really hate to see the contraction of the market. However, with GM eyeing Suzuki Automotive (while killing off Oldsmobile) and Motorcycles not being big profit makers for either company it was inevitable, sucky, but inevitable...or should that be kawasuki...

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It was a horrible idea in the first place. Unless this was thier absolute last resort, I don't see how this was ever considered a good idea. It is a huge marketing, and possibly financial screw-up. Some people absolutely love Suzukis, some people absolutely love Kawasaki's - every motorcyclist has a great deal of loyalty to the brand that they have decided to purchase, ride and stand out in their garage and stare at on a cold winters day. Once you've diluted that by joining with another manufacturer, you've put yourself at risk for failure. Evevn if they do as they say, and share some manufacturing and parts costs for the cruisers, (yea right) the general motorcycling community will get the feeling that they're selling out. People are also going to still assume that this part swapping is also taking place across the board which in turn is taking all of the character out of both of the brands. who wants a bike with no character?!

Besides, how can Suzuki and Kawasaki say that it was a necessary decision. They are 2 of the top 4 motorcycle manufacturers you think of when you think of motorcycles. So what if Honda and Yamaha are selling a lot more bikes than you - I'm sure both Suzuki and Kawasaki made plenty of profit last year. Some suits have gotten greedy and I have a feeling they're going to pay dearly for it.
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