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It was a horrible idea in the first place. Unless this was thier absolute last resort, I don't see how this was ever considered a good idea. It is a huge marketing, and possibly financial screw-up. Some people absolutely love Suzukis, some people absolutely love Kawasaki's - every motorcyclist has a great deal of loyalty to the brand that they have decided to purchase, ride and stand out in their garage and stare at on a cold winters day. Once you've diluted that by joining with another manufacturer, you've put yourself at risk for failure. Evevn if they do as they say, and share some manufacturing and parts costs for the cruisers, (yea right) the general motorcycling community will get the feeling that they're selling out. People are also going to still assume that this part swapping is also taking place across the board which in turn is taking all of the character out of both of the brands. who wants a bike with no character?!

Besides, how can Suzuki and Kawasaki say that it was a necessary decision. They are 2 of the top 4 motorcycle manufacturers you think of when you think of motorcycles. So what if Honda and Yamaha are selling a lot more bikes than you - I'm sure both Suzuki and Kawasaki made plenty of profit last year. Some suits have gotten greedy and I have a feeling they're going to pay dearly for it.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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