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Welcome to the brand-spankin' new MO 2.0!

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Welcome to the brand-spankin' new MO 2.0!

Please discuss the article Welcome to the brand-spankin' new MO 2.0! in our Motorcycle Forums below. Use the reply button to let others know your comments or feedback on the article. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, along with your thoughts and personal opinions on the bikes and products we have tested.
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Good evening Schizuki.

I think I understand your angst. Do emoticons make you hostile? Does the mere presence of a goddamn vapid smiley face make you thumb back the hammer on your 1911? I feel your pain, and in the most non-Clintonian sense.

The world has gone mad, but at least you are a "premium founding member" of a madhouse. That has to be worth something.

A [singular] virtual complimentary beverage awaits for you in the Premium Member Lounge. You may consider starting a thread there that will allow you to vent your spleen amongst like-minded folks. Or you can at least call someone a douchebag and then hit them with a folding metal chair. That always makes me feel better.
Oh, and I don't know if you noticed the "User CP" button. It allows you to view the threads you have posted in. That way you can see if they have been added to and when, so you can monitor them for anyone you may want to converse with. Or hit with a folding metal chair.
It would personally disturb me to see MO without a Schizuki.

It just isn't PROPER.

NO, Sir, You have a job to do. It would be as if you ran out on the French Foreign Legion with the last of the ammunition (and cheese) when the thundering hordes were set to arrive at any moment.

I predict thundering hordes of Squids are imminent, so keep your eyes peeled and your ammunition fresh. And relish the fact you were issued a funny looking hat. The few, the proud, the French!
Schizuk, just go to display modes and click to show the threaded mode. Then you can see who replied to you. C,mon, this stuff is a lot like electronic ignitions, disk brakes, and fuel injection. We gotta take you kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
Hit User CP button.

You will see the Control Panel on the left hand side.

Hit Edit Options.

Scroll down to Thread Display Options.

Change Thread Display Mode to "Threaded"

Scroll down to bottom and hit "Save Changes"

It still takes a good bit of getting used to.
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1 - 5 of 370 Posts
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