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Went down dead end road

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So, suppose you are exploring small side roads on your street motorcycle, and you end up on a road that changes from pavement to gravel and gets narrower and possibly changes elevation significantly.

Soon you find yourself on a road (trail?) that is steeply sloped uphill or downhill & it's no longer pavement but gravel.

Now, what do you do? How do you turn around? Let's say you cannot back out because at least some of the route you've taken was going downhill and you can't duck walk your motorcycle backward up that hill with your feet.

Do you keep riding forward, hoping you'll find that this road comes to an intersection with another road --a bigger road?

Do you just keep going forward to try to find spot that's more level and wider to do a U-turn or three point turn (or a five point turn?)
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This biker found himself in such a situation, it appears.

He rode to the end of this dead-end road that had become a dirt road, then spilled his bike in a mud puddle at the end apparently trying to turn it around. He broke his leg and was helpless and out of communication with society. He crawled to a nearby creek to drink water where he waited seven days before searchers found him. Actually they were volunteer motorcyclists on Enduro or dual-sport type bikes, they found him.
Everyone who rides a bike that it too big for them should read this.
On second thought, they probably would ignore it anyway.
Stupid IS as stupid does.

I've had similar things happen in my 50+ years of riding but always turned around at the FIRST sign of trouble.
A person who uses Facebook (I don't) said that this guy's bike was a Suzuki V Strom so that would be classified as an adventure bike suitable for dirt roads that aren't too badly rutted or too muddy.
( but apparently the road's condition was too much for this guy on this bike.)

But the bike's size wasn't the problem --the road was. The bike itself (the 650 engine size) only weighs 470 pounds and has a 60 inch wheelbase.
That's fairly small and light, not like the standard cruiser that you would expect a 70 year old man to be riding.
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