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What are your thoughts about the FZ?

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I've had good experience with VW Beetle parts from Brazil, why not bikes too? Cases, generators, stock carbs, etc. All good stuff, at a fraction of unobtainium German costs.

With the advent of the CNC lathe anyone with the desire to achieve a higher plateau of craftsmanship can. Look at the firearms industry, what use to be crap is now world-class (Tarus, FM).

And since the wife is from Brazil, I have to give it a plug. Oh, and I like the new Yamaha, BTW.
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I think he is talking about living in Brazil and owning one of these, not about them being actually assembled there.

But I have been known to be incorrect...

that's what i understood when the guy used the word import...
Forget the FZ. Buy a naked SV650 and, for a couple hundred bucks, you can make it into whatever you want.
This is what I pay for?

Come on MO. Do better or perish.
BUY A 1000, *****-AZZ


Re: BUY A 1000, *****-AZZ

Whoa, MR ALLCAPS is back!

Where you been? Were they cleaning your jar or something?
Re: This is what I pay for?


Did we do something wrong, by posting this reader's question? -Sean
I don't know about the FZ, but I have a 2001 Yamaha TTR 225 that was manufactured in Brazil, and that little sucker takes large amounts of abuse without any problems, so I think they have the quality control part figured out, I understand that they produce the 225 in a street legal version that is also very reliable.

My two cents :)
Buy the FZ. It looks more modern. There are more aftermarket goodies for it. In my area naked bikes are not popular at all. There are more FZs than Zrxs and hornets. I own a ZRX. So I kinda pay attention to naked bikes (at least till I find a buyer for mine).
Let's all think about Steve.

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Just kidding! No hard feeling, eh?

Having checked your Info, and seeing that you are a engineer living in Brazil, it's pretty obvious that you would have all the technical aspects covered.

And, seeing that you're interested in the FZ6, it looks like you're not looking for a full-on sportbike, and have a good bit of common sense.

If that's the case, I was wondering if you might just consider the Suzuki 650 V-Strom.

Having ridden the Strom, I have to say it's probably one of the best examples of a "Swiss Army Bike" out there, and makes lots of sense. Yes, it is a mite ugly, but it makes up for that. From what I've heard about South American roads and traffic conditions, the Strom's upright riding position, suspension and versitility might be what you're looking for.

Still, you're the engineer and know what you're looking for. Just something you might want to consider...Good Luck: Kevin
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I have a 225 too!

I have a 2002 Yamaha TDM 225. The TDM is a kind of a Funbike Supermoto version of the TTR. And yes, it takes large amounts of abuse too. You can see some pics of my tiny little supermoto in this site:

One pic: (I'm number 51) gde.jpg

Other pic: (Superman) s3 gde.jpg
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Not available.

Unfortunately, the awesome SV is not available for us South Americans. But there are rumors that a local manufacturer is going to assemble the Hyosung Comet 650. It's not confirmed though.
You are right, but...

Suzuki is importing the 1000 V-Strom to Brazil but not the 650. And its price is almost the double of the 599 price. So I'm not considering buying it because I can't afford it.

The 599 and the FZ cost about R$ 30,000 (US$ 10,000) here in Brazil so it's already expensive enough.
Assemble and import

The FZ (Fazer) is going to be imported by Yamaha and the 599 (Hornet) is going to be assembled in Brasil with many imported parts and a few brasilian parts.
Nitrous Oxide 125

Take a look at this bike:

We ride hard here in Brazil!
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