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What Did We Do To Tick'em Off

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Just buy the KZ100. Great bike. Great history. Still goes like stink. Actually increasing instead of decreasing in value. Still has tons of parts available (and probably always will) Gets lots of comments etc... 2cents..
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Still trying to sell that Duc?

See what comes around goes around. If Bush wasn't such an idiot in economics more folks would have money to buy things like used Ducatis. The folks that got the money by Bush's tax cuts (his base) aren't interested in used Ducatis. Some day you will put it together. Your father made an honest and honorable living. There is still hope and help is on the way....

P.S. Did you see Bill O'Reilly get beat by the NY Times guy on CNBC in a debate. I told you O'Reilly is a second rate news guy. Rush was ignorant uneducated fraud and soon people we see the truth about O'Reilly.
You're probably right. I'm just wondering, and I'll admit that much as happened since I was last out there, and technology has produced some sweet machines, but what happened to the plain old bike? On the other hand, and in a positive note, I can say the same thing about todays bikes as I do about co-eds whenever I drive past DU...'They didn't build 'em like that when I was in school". Thanks for your input.
I don't see the Bonnie as a cruiser. It is one of those bikes that didn't change and still harkens back to the purer days. Yes, cruiser's are the norm and a fashion statement. Crotch rockets are therre for the fast and the furious who just can't get enough engineering. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning either group. However, just like the difference between the extreme right and the extreme left, there is a fair amount of the 'silent majority' who would be happy with something nicely in the middle. Just the fact that this article was posted online in less than 24 hours from when first submitted, with 193 articles ahead of it, seems to indicate that I am not the only one who feels this way.
unfortunately mone talks louder than the silent majority
Motorcycles are predominantly used for transport in Asia, this is not the case in Europe. Roughly the same ratio of plaything to basic transport exists in most of the westernised/1st world). The only real difference between the US and Europe is the price of fuel may make a small capacity bike a sensible choice if you're commuting on it and the US is a bit cheaper for older second hand cars hence the poorest end of the market are more likely to buy a cage in the US.

On the other hand the Euros do one smart thing - they let the kiddies get moped and scooter licences before they can get a car licence - heaps more then buy bigger bikes :)

I'm struggling to find many in your list that would sell - basically mid capacity low HP bikes, mostly naked - which just don't sell in the US.

The VFR 800 is called an Interceptor / Interceptor ABS on the Honda US website. Same specs, same styling - looks like the same bike to me.

The ER5 and GS500 are very basic low cost low maintenance commuter bikes that happen to be learner legal in most of the EU - no one in the US would buy one - their ****'s would fall of if they bought a little 500cc girls bike with only 35Hp "Geez ! You think I'm a girl ? I'm gunna learn me on how to ride on one them sexy R1's" .

Bandit 600 suffered really poor sales figures - everyone walked straight past it to the 1200

Transalp 750 - was on the market for years I'm fairly sure but didn't sell. Hell the dual purpose bikes generally sell poorly comparatively speaking, and which ones in this category sell ? The GS in a manly litre plus capacity, then a dwindling trickle of others around the 1 litre mark (DL1000, Tiger955 etc) - in teensy numbers compared to cruisers and Supersports

Surprised the GXS1400 isn't available there though - that's a "made for america" bike if I've ever seen one - stonking torque and very quick in a straight line ( bit wallowy through the corners, but you'll leave your cruisers for dead so don't worry about it :)

It's the same reason that if you compare the list of cruisers available in the US with what's available elsewhere - you guys get a long list we don't see (had to wait 3 years for the warrior to get here - first cruiser I seriously wanted to buy - damn disappointed when I finally got to ride one - who was the bright spark who made the frame 3 feet wide where your legs go to the ground ? How you can build a bike a foot off the ground then make it so you need to be 6' plus to flat foot it ?


(Aussie who's lived in the US and Europe)

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I'm with you except I have a 98 Intrigue. Even the so-called nakeds are taking a decidedly sharp turn away from practicality. The 919 Hornet is not practical for anything but backroad blasting. The Bandit 1200 and FZ-1 are useful but the Fazer needs either a better faring or no faring at all so a aftermarket job could be installed. I had a CB-750 for many years and it was ideal except it was slow and low-tech. How about a 80-90 HP naked with centerstand, self-adjusting valves, room for 2, and pipes situated so saddlebags fit?


klr250, sv650, magna750
Let's see, FZ1, Monster, 919, Zr1000, Z1000, 1200 Zuk, SV 650 & 1000,R1150r, Bonnie, Breva1000 & 750, Tuno. I know I'm missing more; but, the point is there are plenty of naked/standards to choose from. Also lots of excellent motorcycles available as the Interceptor, FJR1300 & Honda ST. So you want some cheese with that whine?
Re: KPaul says

Kook thinks I sell health insurance so I feed his paranoia that way. Why he hates health insurance salesmen, I'll never know. The guy who sold me my insurance is a pretty decent fella.
Re: Still trying to sell that Duc?

Well I suppose when it comes to ignorant frauds you would be an expert.
Kawasaki Zxr 250 4 Cyl. 16 Valve

I always thought they should have brought in the 4 cylinder 16 valve 250 Ninja the Kawasaki Zxr 250-4.

It would have been the perfect update for the 2 cylinder 250 Ninja.

But Kawasaki USA is too cheap to update the little starter bike.
Re: Economics for dummies Take 10

Heh, heh. You are a robot, ya know.

Perhaps you can tell me HOW he did it? Explain to me how the President "created" this great economic expansion, oh great Economics guru.

Forget it, I already know the answer to that one. That's why there are three different posts here. You obviously have no idea what you're taking about and are running around the Web trying to find all of your little factoids. If you were such an authority, you wouldn't need to.

I especially love "more to come." That's great. I can't imagine how anyone could be so oblivious to start another argument without actually having an argument. You then have to interrupt yourself midstream and find more support for your "rationale." It's classic.

Classic lunacy.

The budget was balanced because the Republicans threatened to shut down the government.

If Clinton was successful in passing Hillary's national health care plan, it would have been much harder to balance the budget.

NAFTA. You should be against this, but, curiously, you never seem to mention it.

The Internet Explosion/Implosion. Almost everyone lost their asses on this, jobs were created and then destroyed. Investors stopped investing in tech afterwards. It had a negative effect almost everywhere in the economy.

You go ahead and keep believing this fantasy that the government will fix everything for you.
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Re: Kawasaki Zxr 250 4 Cyl. 16 Valve

I owned a 1989 model ZXR 250 in Japan for two years. They sell for the same money as 400 or higher engine sizes over there. They were popular due to licensing laws and insurance costs, some of which have changed since 1998 when I came back. The 600 cc models are gaining popularity there now, as are larger motor models exported outside Japan and then brought back in and sold as export versions of Japanese bikes. The Japan market models are usually detuned a bit with different valve timing and horsepower output lowered a bit.

ZXR 250's are fast, light and fun. Mine had a red line of 19,000 rpm... It was a waste to go much beyond 16,000 though since it tailed off after 16,500. The parts were so light and the valve timing on that model so aggressive that it revved very quickly/freely and was a scream to drive. 250 cc, 45 hp, 345 pounds weight or so. It was my all time favorite bike and I have old/new Brit and Japanese stuff of various engine sizes...

It would go 135 with the race speedometer kit. With the normal speedometer it was speed limited to 112 mph, (180 kph) like all Japan home market models so for street use.
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Re: Economics for dummies Take 10

It is interesting to note that my post said nothing about Kerry or Bush. I mentioned Socialism and he started with his Clinton/Kerry defense anti Bush rant.

I wonder if the lunatic knows that after the Repub congress was elected in '94, from 1994-2000, not one piece of legislation introduced by the Clinton White House was ever signed into law. Not one! A six year shutout.

You can go ahead and join the ignore KP club. It makes him even crazier.
There you go again. Go deeper in your analysis. Don't take the Fox way out.

Distorting reality. Yes it is true the Newt led Republican Congress was intrumental in "helping" Clinton balance the budget. Read Clinton's book and you will see that was Treasury Sec Reuben who was the key player. His preaching daily of fiscal responsibility along with Greenspan created a climate of fiscal restraint. Now we have a Republican congress and president with record deficits. Why? cause Bush and Cheney are idiots. 2005 will be rough boys cause the short term stimulus effect of the Bush Tax Cut has worn off. Now the bill is going to come due. Interest rates will rise, corporate financing of debt will be crowded out by "risk free" government debt and thus you have the makings of a recession..... KPaul the prophet has spoken
Re: Economics for dummies Take 10

Yeah. But, you're stupid! And a right wing gun toting wacko!

And you watch Bill O'Reilly! (Though it was fun to watch Bill destroy that left wing loony from the NYT last weekend).

Kook's a Republican, but hates every Republican you can name except McInsane.

And Bush is stupid too. Though his SAT score was 1206 (1280 by today's dumbed down standards... dumbed down by the liberals who run the schools, but we don't want to discuss what the liberals have done to our educational system... 10 million children on ritalin and counting).

I wonder what Kook's SAT scores are? Or Kerry's? Or Algore's? Or Al Sharpton's? Or Michael Moore's?

I could be wrong though. I've been out of touch for a while. You see, Nixon ordered me to attack Cambodia......
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Ummmm. We already have socialist govt, courtesy of the republicrats.
Re: There you go again. Go deeper in your analysis. Don't take the Fox way out.

Do your econ professors factor in how a massive terrorist attack affects the economy?

You wouldn't be so desparate to post your crap if you actually packed up your motorcycle and took that big trip you've been flapping about for years now. I know leaving King County is a big step but try a couple of 500 mile days and maybe you won't be such an a-hole when you get back.
Re: Economics for dummies Take 10

You know, I swear I was going to mention that. Funny that the mention of "socialism" tripped his switch. Telling too.
Yeah but at least we can still wear tinted face shields and split lanes.
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