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I agree that the small cc bikes that I learned on through the 1980's were a blast. very fun for zipping around, very flickable. But now that I have bean riding bigger bore bikes for over a decade I don't think that I will go back. The bike only goes as fast as you turn the handle, and I love the bite of a bigger cc bike when you turn the handle in any gear at any rpm. A zx12 is an extreme example of going fast in any gear, but arn't you speeding when you redline your 600 in first gear also( exept on the freeway)? Point being that with some control of your ego, every bike is controlable and fun. I also feel that a bigger cc bike is better with a passenger for control and comfort.

It sounds like all the bikes that you listed for this guy are right up his alley, and he should get one in this catagory. Buying a bigger bike after some good practice is one of the best things about it anyway.
141 - 145 of 145 Posts
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