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I think it might look a little something like this
There are a bunch of cool things going on in their:
1. The kid is only 18.
2. He used Google SketchUp for the plans.
3. It's a neat design that uses a different way of thinking for a motorcycle ("Its got just one control -a power switch- and everything else is done by leaning"). No throttle, brakes, or clutch.

That's just neat. I've seen the photo shop plans for it, but this is the first time I've seen it actually in use.

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The only problem I see, is Inertia - you'll only be able to stop just at the rate that maintains balance, and NO more-quickly. Put all the self-balancing gew-gaws you want on that thing, if you need to WHOA! like yesterday, it ain't a-gonna happen; not without a quick visit to Faceplant City, or an Auxiliary Anchor you can toss out behind you..............

Other than that - coolest Electric Bike EVER!!

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