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Alright motoheads I need some advice for my next set of 2 wheels. About 1 year ago I sold my 2002 Honda VFR (bought new in Jan 2002) and have been bikeless since. Now that a few nasty expenses (re: wedding and house purchase) are out of the way i'm back in the market for a bike.

- I live in Northern Ohio and ride 9 months a year, usually 2-3 days a week to work and a couple weekend day trips a month.

- I also make at least 1 long haul each year (I've gone from OH to the four corners area, Florida, Canadian rockies, etc.)

- I liked the VFR for what I do but always wanted a little more on the performance end of the spectrum.

- NO cruisers!

- Probably be picking something up 1-2 years old, used, and I want to keep the $ under $10K

- Seat height - this is a biggie for me.... I'm all of 5'7" with a 31" inseem. The VFR had a 31.7" seat height and was about an inch taller then I would have liked. Am I dreaming thinking that I'm going to find a sport touring or sport or naked / sport bike with something around or under 31"

Thoughts anyone? I was sortof leaning towards a used ZZR1200, I'm in lust with the new BMW K1200S but the $$ is waaay out of line, and thought about a Duc ST3 but I'm concerned with maintanance cost and dealer support.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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