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I think after 'coloring outside the lines' with the Rune, staying inside the lines would be a VERY good idea for Honda.
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Ya know,.... there are other companies that make motorcycles.
Maybe the powerplants are like everyone else's because the mfgrs have figured out that these configurations are relatively inexpensive to poroduce and are reliable and produce good power.

RUNE?? say what? The RC51 powerpant is like everyone else's? Everyone else's what? Not the last time I looked. Remember that these powerplants are used in racing so they are constrained by series rules. Ask Ducati about having a "different" powerplant in AMA.
You mean no one's buying 'em? I thought it was "Cruiser of the Year" or something like that.
Honda is the IBM of motorcycles. Or is that General Motors? Grown too big to innovate. I would like an NSF100, but they are like $5k.
Well...if you want something interesting and challenging to ride buy an old iron-cylinder Sportster. A week on one of those will cure you of dissing Honda.
Strictly speaking, everyone else's transverse I4 is like Honda's.
Just find yourself a well tended, used Honda Blackbird and you'll have what you want.
I don't think they even make that abortion any more. Hidious!
VFR or Superhawk sound right. VFR you can add bags. Superhawk you can get soft bags.
Does it have to be a Honda? Want larger, more power? Heck, it sounds like the new upcoing Concours might be your ticket. A ZX14 based ST and no stinking chain drive either.
Re: Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie V8

I'd like to see Honda come out with an all-new Gold Wing/Valkyrie, this time upping the ante to a 90-degree V8, DOHC, 32 valves, variable valve timing and lift, direct injection. Use the technology to get power and torque comparable to the GL1800 in a lighter, smaller-displacement package.
Re: Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie V8

You forgot the quad turbos and nitrous injection.
Re: Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie V8

The idea is a state-of-the art motorcycle, not a bomb with a short fuse. Honda has used VTEC for years on its car engines; direct injection will be arriving soon.
CRF150R -- Honda's breaking new ground ahead of the others with that bike, which has been long overdue. (Or at least SOME kind of mini overhaul, two-stroke or four).
Also, why are you just looking at Honda? Are you a stockholder concerned with their rate of innovation? Or are you looking to buy a bike? If you're looking to buy a bike, why do you care about the entire Honda line? My guess is that you're one of those Honda die-hards who buys into the Honda hype, i.e., Hondas are super reliable and the best quality machines out there in any category they compete in.... Well in my opinion that's just hype. I could start a whole new thread with that've seen it before. "Are Ducatis reliable?" Etc. etc.

If you really want cutting edge look to manufacturers who dare to be different like KTM. Or go exotic and get a Cagiva. Really, it comes down to a bike-by-bike selection process and you have to be open to every manufacturer, depending on the need you're trying to fill.
Ah mediocre tastes. Nothing wrong with that though. But what is wrong is that the Rune had only US product run. Its next to impossible to import it to EU. I called the Finnish importer and as I wasn´t the first caller they lay the law as it was directly off the bat. Sum up is that only way is to work in the US and take it back as moving goods. Hope you guys don´t have anything against illegal immigrants.

- cruiz-euro

Absolutely. In that they are all transverse I4s.

- cruiz-euro
Re: Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie V8

Otherwise best idea I have heard for a long time but why the power and torque should be identical? Why not more power and torque? Especially torque from idling RPM onwards?

- cruiz-euro
Ok are you in Finland or Argentina? I'm always confused by your posts.

The Rune is ugly. The styling was big, street-sweeper fenders right when choppers were getting popular.

Now that choppers are out and bobbers are the current trend, expect Honda to come out with a new chopper.
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