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Also, why are you just looking at Honda? Are you a stockholder concerned with their rate of innovation? Or are you looking to buy a bike? If you're looking to buy a bike, why do you care about the entire Honda line? My guess is that you're one of those Honda die-hards who buys into the Honda hype, i.e., Hondas are super reliable and the best quality machines out there in any category they compete in.... Well in my opinion that's just hype. I could start a whole new thread with that've seen it before. "Are Ducatis reliable?" Etc. etc.

If you really want cutting edge look to manufacturers who dare to be different like KTM. Or go exotic and get a Cagiva. Really, it comes down to a bike-by-bike selection process and you have to be open to every manufacturer, depending on the need you're trying to fill.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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