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I think after 'coloring outside the lines' with the Rune, staying inside the lines would be a VERY good idea for Honda.
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I know a lot about what you DON'T want, but I can't figure out what it is you DO want. I would second the VFR suggestion, except I have no idea how much power you think is enough. I will tell you that any of these, bikes (VFR included) will be WAY faster than you are. Or me. If you are confining your riding to street, and like the RC 51 type bikes, then you should be looking at the other end of the sport touring spectrum. Bikes like the Triumph ST, Ducati ST3 and 4, and, yes, the VFR.
Well, if you like nakeds and want something bigger than a 919 you might check out Zooker's new 1250 Bandit.

Expect nothing from MBA run Honda.....the except weird looking and insanely overpriced Big Ruckus.
No, there's only ONE company that makes Motorcycles - the rest make kiddie-toys......

Re: Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie V8

Nothing wrong with more power and torque, but I'd like to see a smaller-displacement motor for a lighter bike.
Sorry, I went to "Bikes, Blues, and BBQ" in Fayetteville, AR this week - I was asked by no less than 3 *******, full-dress, 55hp, 875lb-Three-Asterisk-Jewelry riders if I thought I could handle a "real bike", or why don't I "get rid of that Japcrap Toy".

Four-Asterisk You, you Three-Asterisk-holes! (not *You* - you, but the general rednex-You)
I figured after the Sportster, he'd join the H-A; as riding the Epitome of motorcycle-dom, there'd be nothing else to do BUT become a moto-outlaw.

(what with as FINE a piece of machinery, like everything that ever rolled out of The Motor Company's front door..........)

(Yes, I'm in a Hardley-Bashing mood)

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Re: Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie V8

Only if they smooth-out that damn VTEC step in the curve - make it more like the S-2000, rather than the VFR-800.
Get a used Aprilia Falco or Futura. Honda reliability, goes like stink, and you won't have to wonder which one is yours at the burger stand. My Falco will run with an RC51, is better looking, and about 7000% more comfortable to tour on. I had a SuperHawk and loved it, but the 100 mile range is completely bogus if you intend to do any riding. I had an Interceptor, which looked good on paper but had all the personality of an appliance. There are a lot of good bikes out there-- have fun.
Have you ever taken a look at the bikes Honda offers in other countries like the UK. If you like naked bikes, go to their UK website, then beg them to bring them over here!

PS: If you want an inexpensive naked bike that is pretty fast, looks great, and will run forever, I can very highly recommend the Kawasaki ZRX1100/ 1200. I tend to like the 1100's better because the all black motor looks better than the funky gold-painted motor on the 1200. I had one which I absolutely loved, but I got rid of it because it was just a little too "naked" for me-- I was doing a lot of fast touring and getting beaten senseless by the 120MPH breeze. No problem on the Falco-- now the challenge is keeping my license.
I'll ship you as many as you want. Just get them out of here!
To some degree, all the Japanese mfrs. are the same. If you want something unique, buy Italian. I owned one and it was very reliable and quite fast. It had some wierd stuff on it, stuff that looked good, but were counterproductive. I would not expect less from the Italians however.

You could purchase a Triumph. I had one of those. It too was reliable and fast. A little on the big side, but what a wonderful motor.

Saying all of this. I have since purchased a UJM Honda CBR1000, and it is the best bike I have ever owned. Fuel injection is perfect, handles wonderfully, faster than I would ever need to go (165mph indicated and still had more on tap), and is stone axe reliable. Problem is it looks in some way like all the others, but it is such a good package, I don't mind much. That, and it is less expensive than anything similar that is Italian. It is half the price of my Mille and I feel it is twice the bike.
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Honda: the BMW of Crotch Rockets

Honda seems to be the ride of choice for many johnny come latelies, as well as those enamored Honda cars as status symbols-- similar to BMWs.

Folks that don't know anything about riding, or motorcycles for that matter, ask me about BMW motorcycles because of the status appeal.

There are those that will only consider Hondas because of the brand cache. If Toyota/Lexus made motorcycles, many of this ilk would be standing in line at those dealerships.

I have nothing against this type of brand loyalty, it's really not that different from spending decades in the sport and choosing brands based on one's racing heroes of old.
I hear ya. I was asked that exact question while traveling in Michigan a few years back,..."So when you gonna get a REAL bike". And the dumb-ass that asked didn't even own a bike!
Nearly had us going there for a minute, wilro. Have you actually ridden any of these bikes you claim are too dull for you? Or heard of other manufacturers besides Honda? And how old are you, exactly? Do you have a licence yet? Or shave yet?
Actually I was referring to the first mass production I4. The one that put a round dead between the eyes of the british motorcycle industry and generally stood the moto industry on it's collective ear. The CB750.
Whether street-sweeper or bobbers are currently in fashion is probably very important for some people.

- cruiz-euro
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