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What's with Barros? You mean what's with Honda??? They've been drinking too much unleaded lately. No ride for Edwards and to let Barros go? Honda-san be loco-san....Barry Sheene says Barros is the best man on the brakes, by the way...and now that he's going to have a whole season on the 4 stroke, things could get a little hot under the collar in the "Red" pit. Hee hee, I'm getting anxious....

Do I predict Barros to stun the world? I don't konw but it's going to be close. I'm hoping for good racing up front and I really hope Edwards does some serious damage to his nemesis KR Jr. I think Hayden's going to be too busy trying to order dinner off of foreign menus to be competetive (OK, so I'm jealous of him). Anyways, I'm excited because other manufacturers could be catching up to Honda and there could be some riders out for blood.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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