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Wheelie King dead at 44

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It sure is a sad day. I was only able to see Doug perform once a long time ago. I remember the day well. I was at the 1987 MotoCross Des Nations at Unadilla. It was raining like hell and the mud was deep when it was announced that Doug would attempt to Wheelie all the way around the track. You could feel the excitement in the air as Doug Wheelied his way around the track. The image of Doug Wheelieing over the edge of Gravity Cavity in the mud will be etched in my mind forever.

God Speed Doug. You will be missed.
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Re: Doug's KZ

That's what I remember Doug for. I remember seeing him on TV, wheelying that big KZ1300 monster out of a parking lot, down the street, up an on-ramp, and off he went down the freeway, all on one wheel. I thought that was just too cool.
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