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When to Use Rear Brake Only?

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The heavier the bike and the lower teh center of gravity, the more rear brake can be used. Also, with a passenger, more rear brakes can be used for smoother stopping and less front end dive.

A good rule... the engineers aren't stupid, the size fo the brake is a good indicator of how hard it should be used. I beleive the rear brake surface area is less than 20% of the total braking surface.

When do I use only rear brake. At low speeds when trying to reduce the effects drivetrash lash at small throttle positions. I also mostly rear brake at low speed turns where the front brake can be grabby causing a loss of balance. Finally on loose surfaces I will favor the rear. For one reason, the rear tire is wider and therefore easier to control when sliding that the narrower front wheel.

For emergency stopping (I hate the term "panic stop". You never, ever panic on 2 wheels.) ... it's ALL front brake. Engine braking provides plenty of rear braking force... especailly on my BMW twin.
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Re: Wrong

Notice how frantic he gets (whoever he is) when he is exposed as a fraud who knows nothing about friction, momentum, etc. A simple perusal of car and motorcycle magazines gives lie to the idea that a heavier vehicle automatically stops more quickly than a lighter one. All the long winded explanations in the world don't change incontrovertible fact.
No need to say anything. The idiot is entertaining enough without any help.
Re: Wrong

Except in Utah they have you run over an object that you are more likely to encounter than a stick. Like a Remington .270 or maybe someone's 9mm that fell out of their pocket.
Re: Wrong

End it now. It's doubtful if he actually has any opinion on gun control. It's just another attempt to get a lot of people arguing with him.
Re: Wrong

Heh heh. Get a load of his "game over" link. It has nothing to do with measured stopping distances. Heh heh.
450V 3phase! The only way to go, baby!
Well, he is in his own little universe.
Looks like we're back to multiple postings of the same links again.

And the slf-moderation.
Re: Stainless lines and RD350's

White and purple like mine was?... until I painted it bright orange.

Really hauls for a little bike, doesn't it?

And that double leading front brake does a better job than most people would think.
I was an Electrician's Mate in the Nav. Our ships systems used 450V 3 phase generators. It's striking how much smaller a 3 phase 450V motor is than a 220V or a 110V single phase for the same horsepower.

Don't get bit though. Gives you the St Vitus dance for about half an hour.
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