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Re: kpaul crack pot braking theories.


Code and company will tell you to lay off the rear brake, in track situations. the reasons being

you don't have nearly as much feel with your foot as your hand

you have a minimum of 80% of the stopping power in the front brake

you probably want to transfer more weight to the front for cornerning

If you're stopping hard the rear tire will have little to no weight on it, locking it up becomes easy, unlocking without crashing is difficult

All that being said, in most street situations both brakes are fine. Cruisers (re long bikes with lots of rake) don't change weight bias as much during braking so the rear brake is more useful there also.But again, you have roughly 80% of your brakes in the front, I'd use those first.

The only time I favor the rear brake is when its raining and I'm crossing painted lines or some other slippery goo.

As to leaning off, it allows higher corner speed with less lean angle meaning more traction for accelerating/braking. I'd agree that modern suspension and tires take a lot of it out of the game, but those MotoGP boys tend to hang off, and they're the fastest out there.
1 - 1 of 197 Posts
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