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When to Use Rear Brake Only?

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The heavier the bike and the lower teh center of gravity, the more rear brake can be used. Also, with a passenger, more rear brakes can be used for smoother stopping and less front end dive.

A good rule... the engineers aren't stupid, the size fo the brake is a good indicator of how hard it should be used. I beleive the rear brake surface area is less than 20% of the total braking surface.

When do I use only rear brake. At low speeds when trying to reduce the effects drivetrash lash at small throttle positions. I also mostly rear brake at low speed turns where the front brake can be grabby causing a loss of balance. Finally on loose surfaces I will favor the rear. For one reason, the rear tire is wider and therefore easier to control when sliding that the narrower front wheel.

For emergency stopping (I hate the term "panic stop". You never, ever panic on 2 wheels.) ... it's ALL front brake. Engine braking provides plenty of rear braking force... especailly on my BMW twin.
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Re: Wrong

The only time you can use your rear brake safely is to kick the rear end out and set up a slide in preperation to layin' 'er down to avoid hitting something. Do they teach that at MSF? probably the "advanced rider" section.....

The exception to not using the rear brake would be if you foolishly installed a spool hub on your bike because they look cool and figured your crappy 30 year old rivited shoe drum brakes would be enough. Or if the front pads are down to metal and you can't afford new ones just yet, using the rear only will prevent tearing up the front disc's

Oh I forgot, pulling up to a stop in the rain and noticing the giant oil slick the car in front of you just left, rear brake only and try not to put your feet down in it...

That's about all I can think of, also if you go into a corner too hot and want to slow down without standing the bike up you can trail the rear brake lightly, that usually works without throwing you off your line too badly
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When I had the Dyna IE; long and low with a rear weight bias I used the rear brake quite a bit more than usual. With a sport bike or standard the weight bias is more neutral so the rear is best at low speed on slick roads or in conjuction with the front for normal stopping
Re: Wrong

Which technique did you use to not avoid hitting that twig?
Re: Stainless lines and RD350's

The expense comes trying to find parts, the actual bike is simplicity itself.

You'd be insane NOT to put clip-ons on it and make a cafe` racer out of it
Re: Wrong too

Nah, he's like an embarrassing fungus in a private place, just when you think he's gone he crops up again
Re: Wrong

OOOOhhh, stick around he gets way better than this....
Re: Braking 101.

You would do well to pay attention asshopper, perhaps the next time you need to drop the anchor you'll react instinctivly and front brake/ ride around the ob-stackle in yo' path instead of hitting it and falling over.

You sure you didn't lay 'er down to avoid hitting the branch?
Re: Wrong

I jes' calls 'em like I see's ''re free entertainment as far as I'm concerned.

and it's "sarnali" on this site, "stevent" on most others, you can use either one if you like

"ksteamer" is not going to work.
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