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Hey JB you haven't got time to drop over to Wellington have you? We could tell a few lies and I could show you our Harley exhibition - and the Lord of the Rings exhibition if you are into that. At Philip Island for sure the one thing the XR won't be for is XR Honda. I'm still waiting for the day they produce a decent electric start 250cc dirt bike so I can trade my DR250R - I'm only putting up with the Suzuki because I couldn't buy a similar model in the Honda brand in NZ but there is no question the brand isn't as good compared to the old XRs I rode. When you get old though you want the electric start. We are having great summer weather down under at the moment so it is the time to be visiting.

The pain for us Kiwis today was losing the first Americas cup yacht race to the Swiss through gear failure - the boys better get their act together for tomorrow's race. The fact the Swiss boat is skippered by Kiwis doesn't help either.

As for bike riding it was the day to leave my VFR in the garage today to avoid getting tied up with the HOGS when they went on their thunder ride over our favourite mountain pass road and back - all 1,200 of them. I looked out for the Highwayman, but no-one fitting his description showed up. Perhaps he was at Philip Island too.

Australia is having their HOG rally next month and I guess eventually everyone makes their way to US for the final rides to Milwaukee.


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