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Hey MO,

You got to get a Hyosung section in the "Manufacturer's" section. They're great bikes and people will be buying them.

Don't know about its 650cc models, but Hyosung's 250cc models are great: cheap to own, cheap to ride & mostly reliable. The battery would die now and then, but that may have been because of the dodgy backyard wiring job I did on the auxiliary headlights and heated grips. Also, the transmission would miss second gear now and then when I was thrashing the little V-twin up and down between stop lights.

I rode a GV 250 from 2001 until 2005. Awesome bike. Perfect for small back roads. Perfect for commuting. It would easily hit 110kph-- or higher "kill yourself" speeds-- with no problem. With a rear rack and a back rest, floor boards and crash bars, girlfriend and I would tour all over. It's a nice big 250cc bike. On the way home from bars, we'd even be able to carry three of us and perhaps four.

Korea's a great place for motorcycling. Beautiful mountains. Great food. Cheap liquor. Cheap hotels. You can get lost and everyone'll help you. The windy mountain roads have wide shoulders and clearly-painted lines. Most of them are vacant, 'cause most people drive cars and take the expressways. No two-wheelers allowed on Korean expressways; all the better, since most two-wheelers there are under 250cc.

At any rate, MO needs a Hyosung section. They're great bikes and we'll be seeing more of them on North American roads.

I'd even buy stock in the company... if they issued ADRs and if I trusted their books.

Portland, OR
Yamaha XJ 600s "Seca II"
you get what you pay for...but are much better than the chinese trash riding my city right now...also put my chips on KYMCO(taiwan) with 2 years warranty.. afordable and and really well done bikes &scooters.
the rest is "finish yourselve at home"

again with my mohican-english:wink:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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