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Where's The 600 Test?

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Re: Where

Allrighty there readers, I've been working 18-hour days on this story, so don't even think of whining -- my head hurts so much from staring at computers non-stop that I might just, for once, take it personally and when the 600 story does post, if you crap and whine here, I might just redirect you offsite. You will never see the story then!
So there!
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Re: Where

Ooo. We are getting a bit shirty aren't we. ;)

Thanks for the update. We're all looking forward to this test. That's why there has been so much impatience being shown around here lately.

Just keep us informed though. That's all we ask. It's also a good way to stop squids getting all emotional on you and blowing things out of proportion.
Re: Where

hey goshdarnit!!!!! I pay good time here....yeah spend good internet time here to see more wheelies than that....

next time I want you guys to carry the wheelie ALL the way through that first turn! :p

thanks for the update!
0 - 60 Times

Can you post zero to sixty times along with the drag results we've waited all this time for?
Re: Where

hahaha! you've made one bleary-eyed MO employee laugh today. ugh. hand coding html is ALMOST as exciting as riding bikes.
Re: Where

I had a question for you....

I just reinstalled Media Player 7 with mpg-4 I play your DivX movies...I get sound...but no vid!? :(

any thoughts? is it only available on the Med. Player 8 beta??

anyways...the mpegs are working and they're cooooooooOOOOOOL!
solved my own problem...ladies man says "That's good"


I couldn't get it to I d/l'd the global divx media player will play it? LOL weird a$$ Microsuck products!
Re: Where

Thats odd. We have 7 as well and it seems to work. A mystery is a-foot. On my personal computer, I had to download a seperate file. Where this file came from, I have no recollection. A toss through the search engine salad ( came back with many a-site) should reveal the neccasary information.

Garbonzo beans my speling is bahd twoday.
Re: solved my own problem...ladies man says "That

ah. I think u answered my own comment (c below). That's proly what I have on my system @ home.
Re: Where

Brent! Chill! Have some of that $12/12 pack beer we'll be covering soon! We understand monitor burn. We understand hair-split decisions. We understand weird weather. (Friggin' sixtyish in upstate New York today here.) Let the pressure slide off a touch, know that most of us will be twiddling our thumbs before riding season starts anyway, never mind buying something, and just give us the street-biased (but racetrack-thrill-containing) full-on review of the most important class of streetbikes on the market that we expect from you, okay? We trust you, we value you, we're willing to wait. But thanks for letting us know what's going on, too.

PS: How about Bonneville?
ladies man says "MO Don't Do Windoze"

flounder, you're a genius, that's the trick, I thought it worked in Media Player by default on our one windoze box, but I'd installed Global DivX so it automagically worked.

Wow, good thing badsac lives in Australia, I've had him running around installing and re-installing windows media player for a week to no avail. He's gonna be pissed when he reads this... oh well.
Re: Where

hey big spender! remember!

it's the $11.94 12 pack!

you get that six cent rebate!

that comes out to 99.5 cents per beer or month....

see? terry bradshaw is right! you really CAN buy something for under a dollar these days!!! >:D
I'd like to accept this award....

Re: 0 - 60 Times?

LOL I bet 0-60 is LOOOOOONG gone on these bikes before the rider can even think about hitting a timer ;)
Re: 0 - 60 Times

I'm debating whether or not to post the story without the drag times. The ranking was profound enough that the bike you'd think would've won won't be able to make up enough points to win, so it really won't change the outcome. The story is done, though...

We've never posted a sportbike test without dragstrip. I feel all weird just thinking about posting it without the strip times...
Real test info needed

Dragstrip and race track information is a waste of time for 95% of us. How about some real information:

1) How does it handle on the 405/91 freeway going 25 MPH between cars for an hour?

2) How does it feel riding two-up?

3) How do you feel after 200 miles on the freeway?

4) How about tune-up cost for each bike?

5) Is my beer gut going to scratch the paint on the gas tank?

6) How much will my girlfriend b*tch about the rear pad/seat/foot pegs?

7) $8K and does it come with a 25 cent horn?



'00 ZR-7
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Re: Where

It's not my intention to whinge but I just received my hard copy of Road Racing World courtesy of US Postal (a communications medium not known for it's blinding speed). Not only does it include a 600cc shoot-out, they also compare Mr. R1 to Mr. GSX-R1K. Understand that I am not so worried about not seeing the corresponding MO articles first on the web, but I think that the point here is obvious.
Re: Real test info needed

Please don't speak for "95%" of us. I don't give a crap about any of that stuff you mentioned! These are cutting edge SPORTBIKES, you obviously want a YZF600.
Re: Real test info needed

Phillip, I have ridden exactly none of this years 600 sportbikes, however here are the answers to your questions. BTW, it seems you have already found your ideal bike ('00 ZR-7) so why the questions about the 600s?

1. sharp on the freeway, maybe even a little heavy

2. It feels great as long as the person behind you is some one you want to shag.

3. 200 miles on freeway probably better than your SUV if you'd just relax

4. The same, most dealers charge the same regardless of brand.. they are all mechanically very similar.

5. 95% of us excercise and don't count on a sportbike to make us into an athlete

6. Depends on how much she want to shag you.

7. Whats a horn for??

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