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Re: Real test info needed

Phillip, I have ridden exactly none of this years 600 sportbikes, however here are the answers to your questions. BTW, it seems you have already found your ideal bike ('00 ZR-7) so why the questions about the 600s?

1. sharp on the freeway, maybe even a little heavy

2. It feels great as long as the person behind you is some one you want to shag.

3. 200 miles on freeway probably better than your SUV if you'd just relax

4. The same, most dealers charge the same regardless of brand.. they are all mechanically very similar.

5. 95% of us excercise and don't count on a sportbike to make us into an athlete

6. Depends on how much she want to shag you.

7. Whats a horn for??

1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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