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Where's The 600 Test?

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Re: Where

Allrighty there readers, I've been working 18-hour days on this story, so don't even think of whining -- my head hurts so much from staring at computers non-stop that I might just, for once, take it personally and when the 600 story does post, if you crap and whine here, I might just redirect you offsite. You will never see the story then!
So there!
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Re: um

In case you happen to see this before the story get's posted, maybe you could tell us what exactly "Look for the story soon." means. I figured by Monday sometime, or even late Monday (accounting for time change from East to West). But still no story. Don't understand, if you've agreed to release it witout drag strip results, and it was basically complete already. Why do you say "we should rewrite the story now...", why rewrite it?

I really hope this wasn't just an attempt to convince us you're posting it, while you continue to wait for a shot at the drag strip.
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