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Where's The 600 Test?

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Re: Where

Allrighty there readers, I've been working 18-hour days on this story, so don't even think of whining -- my head hurts so much from staring at computers non-stop that I might just, for once, take it personally and when the 600 story does post, if you crap and whine here, I might just redirect you offsite. You will never see the story then!
So there!
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Re: ladies man says "MO Don


I got the dirty little to work. FINALLY!!!!!! You will never know how much grief I put myself through, trying to get those bloody DivX videos to work. As a last resort, I deleted everything to do with DivX off my system, then reinstalled the Global Div X player. Except this time I did the complete install, instead of doing a minimal install then installing the codec myself. Then what do you know? It worked!

Though, the first thing I saw when I tried the player on one of your videos scared the out of me. Seeing your ugly mug narrating those laps of willow...... I thought you were trying to keep you readership, not scare them away with hideous images. ;)
Re: Where

Dont worry about the dragstrip times, I am sure they all fit into the 10.80-11.00 range, maybe the GSXR or R6 could pull 10.70s or something, but we already know it, so just post the article at your earliest convenience. Great.
Re: Where

Hey Brent,

You know what I would like to see? No? Well, I will tell you then. Instead of worrying about running this years 600's down a dragstrip for slightly faster than last year times(yawn), why not take a KX500, lower it alittle, gear it up so it can run 130-140 in 5th, and run that puppy down the dragstrip.

Whos with me?
Re: 0 - 60 Times

I would be more interested in 0-100 times, with a good launch all sportbikes whether they be 600 or open class have about the same 0-60.
Re: Where

LOL hell yea

hhmmm hey.. is the the /. engine for the message board?
Re: good email adress

heh, good one.

I really need to get ride of that listing, even the fake e-mail. I think it's funny, though, if everyone puts bogus accounts there and the trolls get nothing but junk from MO.

Anyway, in the previous revision of this, I'd removed the fake e-mail account, and clicking in the username took you to a form to e-mail the person, the e-mail address was held back as a database lookup here, so no one ever saw your address. I'll try and fix that this weekend...
Re: Where

Nope, PHP-based.
Dont feel bad...

I think those questions are all important! :)

I appreciate the lengths you folks go to turn out a good read, but this isn't standard journalism. This story isn't going to print. You could easily release the bulk of the article now and link to the less important drag strip test on the main page and in the article itself when done. Why not just satiate your readers with the already complete portion of the article that they're most interested in anyway, and tell them to check back later for a few relatively meaningless numbers later?
Re: Where

Great narration Brent! I see you chose to ride one of the best 600s (I don't have a biast opinion, heh, heh, just because I own one...) I love the view from the bike, can see the speedo and rpms and the track. Thanks for the update and I'm eager to see if the new GSXR is better than the R6. Should be a really competitive year for all the 600s. I for one still love you guys. Keep up the good work.
Re: um

I prefer it complete....

when you start releasing stories that aren't "complete" but are "complete enough", you start losing your cohesiveness...

It's probably also easier for the guys to release it all at once rather than have to generate new pages and links and shiznit every time they get a portion finished!
Re: Where

it sure does look like the slashdot one tho, kindof like how the TT600 looks like the F4
Re: um

I would normally rather read it in it's entirety as well. These aren’t normal however. An extremely anticipated article has been delayed by a single, relatively inconsequential test for some time now.

Oh wells. :)
Re: um

I'd prefer it complete, but I'll have to agree with Maccam that we should rewrite the story now and post it -- the voting is profound enough that the winner can't be unlodged by the dragstrip testing.

That said, it's lame that we couldn't get the strip testing done -- snowed/iced out several times at LACR, and we must've called Carlsbad a dozen times to no avail. Don't these people answer the phones? Not that LACR is better.

Life was so much easier when Brotherhood raceway was open in San Pedro near MO and Long Beach -- just show up early on a Friday before they let the general public in, and we were done...

Look for the story soon. We'll do another story on the drag strip times.
Re: Real test info needed

I'm sure the mfg's wouldn't mind the other "95%" of us forgetting their "sportbikes" bikes...

Re: Real test info needed

I'm always looking for my next ride. I average one new bike every two years. I bought the ZR-7 because I wanted a KZ750 years ago.

Re: Dont feel bad...

Nice to hear from the other "95%" of the crowd!

Re: Where

Hey you guys are doing a great job, love your site and no rush just make it good. no pressure. You guys are the best Thanks.
Re: Where

You've got some serious ring around the collar from that furious brown-nosing, Dean..
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