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Which Bike Locks Really Work?

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When friends and I rented harleys in vegas, we had disc locks and cable locks. The disc lock w/ the cord that hangs on your clutch handle was the easier of the two. It let you know it was on and was small. Hope that helped. Oh yea, First Post!
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Front and rear disk locks for me.

I travel with 2 florescent-green Abus disk locks. They fit under the passenger seat and I make sure to clamp them on where they are both visible from a distance. Also got an armored cable (Oxford Revolver) but don't travel with it except on long trips to unfamiliar places.
Just ride a Japanese "cruiser" and you can leave the key in the ignition.
My son has a Honda VLX. Not exactly on the top of the list for theives but he has one long cable that he wraps around the frame and then to his girlfriends A frame.....on her car. He also has a nice covered chain which he wraps around the frame just behind the bars and thru the spokes of the front wheel and then....he had an internatrix bike alarm installed. So, to recap, he has the standard fork lock, the front covered chain, the long cable and an alarm system. He probably has a tick over 300.00 for all this. If a pro wants your bike he'll take it but if there's an easier target just around the corner, well, you know. It's like the two buddies out hiking in the woods. A bear starts chasing them and one of them stops to take off his boots and put on his running shoes. The other guy says "your crazy if you think you can outrun that bear." To which he replies.....I only have to outrun you. Anything helps, thieves would rather limit their exposure if at all possible. If you get a disc lock spend the extra five bucks for the clutch tether. You'll be glad you did.
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Ouch! I have a new Kawi 1600 Vulcan Classic.

Since I park my bike in very secured areas, I have no experience with such things. However, here is a timely review of a of a lock on a great site for product reviews

Good luck
Sounds like his security system is worth more than the bike!

I use a bright yellow Xena disc lock $ 79.95 and has a built in audio alarm. Sticks out like a sore thumb and never had a probelm. The lock is small enought to fit in your pocket and the alarm is pretty loud - If I forget it and try to move the bike - the alarm goes off before I get it moving.
That and a dead battery usually works...

I'm kidding.

I don't know why you ever gave up that info.
I don't know. Who would steal a 91 GSX1100G or an '84 Magna 700?

LOL Cause I'm an idiot and gullible... April 1 is the most miserable day for me...:) Little did I know Buz and longride would use the battery thing in some 20 posts...I need to give them another bone :)
My bikes are both Japanese and really are not worth anything, so I don't ever bother to lock them even when I travel. I figure the only folks I have to worry about are the joy riders, and therefore, I take the key out of the ignition.
"Who would steal a 91 GSX1100G or an '84 Magna 700?

Somebody that has a very heavy door they need to keep open?

Possible someone has a large yacht they need to keep in one place in the ocean?
Hell, leave the key in. They'll bring it back.
Your bike has been in the garage so long it sneezed when it saw the sun last week.
I learned years ago in Philly that the best way to keep paws off my old Ford Mustang (stolen and recovered in Camden NJ - my favorite town) was a combination of several low tech devices.

When I park my Harley in places where it could be nicked I use the following; a Brinks pad lock (~$12 from a hardware store), which goes through the front disk brake, a cheap bicycle U-lock (~$12 also from the hardware store), which goes through the rear wheel. Then I shut off the kill switch and gas tap.

The idea behind all this is that the would be casual thief finds more things he has to deal with as he gets closer to the bike and, hopefully, finds it too much to mess with.

In Philly the professional thieves, just pulled a flatbed pickup next to your car, put a chain around the frame or axle and hauled it up onto the bed. They could pull a car out of a line of them against the curb without touching the other cars.

Same with bikes , except that 3 or 4 gorillas would just pick it up and throw into the back of a truck and be off in about 1 minutes time.

Or...just ride an old Suzuki Madura - the ugliest bike in the world!
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Just make certain (particularly with disk locks) that while you're getting used to incorporating locking and unlocking the bike into your routine that you always remember to remove the lock before your hand touches the throttle. A younger (and less patient) version of me once ripped a front disk brake clean off by forgetting about the brand new disk lock he had just installed... if that's not stupid enough for you... I then drove the bike some 50 odd miles to my mechanic with only the back brake working *ahem*.
Ditto on similar experience! Have taken to tying an extra bandana around handlebars as a reminder.
Ditto on similar experience! Have taken to tying an extra bandana around handlebars as a reminder.
That, or if it was my 750 Shadow, they may not have the patience to wait the full 7.5 seconds to get to 60 mph and pull over 100 feet from where I parked it.
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