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I learned years ago in Philly that the best way to keep paws off my old Ford Mustang (stolen and recovered in Camden NJ - my favorite town) was a combination of several low tech devices.

When I park my Harley in places where it could be nicked I use the following; a Brinks pad lock (~$12 from a hardware store), which goes through the front disk brake, a cheap bicycle U-lock (~$12 also from the hardware store), which goes through the rear wheel. Then I shut off the kill switch and gas tap.

The idea behind all this is that the would be casual thief finds more things he has to deal with as he gets closer to the bike and, hopefully, finds it too much to mess with.

In Philly the professional thieves, just pulled a flatbed pickup next to your car, put a chain around the frame or axle and hauled it up onto the bed. They could pull a car out of a line of them against the curb without touching the other cars.

Same with bikes , except that 3 or 4 gorillas would just pick it up and throw into the back of a truck and be off in about 1 minutes time.

Or...just ride an old Suzuki Madura - the ugliest bike in the world!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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