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My son has a Honda VLX. Not exactly on the top of the list for theives but he has one long cable that he wraps around the frame and then to his girlfriends A frame.....on her car. He also has a nice covered chain which he wraps around the frame just behind the bars and thru the spokes of the front wheel and then....he had an internatrix bike alarm installed. So, to recap, he has the standard fork lock, the front covered chain, the long cable and an alarm system. He probably has a tick over 300.00 for all this. If a pro wants your bike he'll take it but if there's an easier target just around the corner, well, you know. It's like the two buddies out hiking in the woods. A bear starts chasing them and one of them stops to take off his boots and put on his running shoes. The other guy says "your crazy if you think you can outrun that bear." To which he replies.....I only have to outrun you. Anything helps, thieves would rather limit their exposure if at all possible. If you get a disc lock spend the extra five bucks for the clutch tether. You'll be glad you did.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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