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Which Has More Power?

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I think they're about the same.

All that incredible technology in the Kawi (liquid-cooled, dohc) might net you a couple of extra ponies.

Or it might just be that's it's a little bigger. 1600cc vs. 1450.
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Reading this shows how utterly ridiculous the whole cruiser mentality is. Weight and slapdash flash means more than function. Simply asinine.
But, was your mean steak fast?
No no no. If I need a trip to the ladies' room I have to add a couple minutes to those stops. Gotta be realistic after all.
Too bad they don't make a "SneakyLeaker - Ladies" version, eh?

Don't think I haven't wished for one! :lol:
Who cares? If someone is in the market for hole shot power, they wouldn't buy ANY of those bikes.
1 - 5 of 65 Posts
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