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Just unplug the battery charger and watch them stab away at the starter button, eyes blazing with the anger that only abject frustration born of the realization that they are no match for your mighty 13.9 volt @2500rpm charging rate....Their only alternative is to jump in the family Taurus and race to the nearest Autozone to blurt out "do you have a battery for a Kawasaki? ........It's a green one.." and wait while an equaly skilled counter person looks up "Battery>motorcycle>Kawasaki>green"...

Alas to no availe....they dejectedly trudge back to the car and slowly drive home, stopping at MacDonalds for a healthy nutrious meal for the kids, envious of all the motorcycles they see on the way home, resigned to the fact they'll be doing yard work this weekend instead of their fantasy 150 mile training ride.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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