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Which Has More Power?

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I think they're about the same.

All that incredible technology in the Kawi (liquid-cooled, dohc) might net you a couple of extra ponies.

Or it might just be that's it's a little bigger. 1600cc vs. 1450.
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The Stainfree Dockers crowd weighed in. If you leave 'em alone, they'll be back in their mother's basements playing Dungeons and Dragons in no time.
If profits made on cruisers allow manufacturers to produce the " latest and greatest" technology and sell it for a ridiculously low price while remaining profitable as a whole, why would you care? I say "sell more cruisers!"
Ride the damn things. The Mean Streak is a great motorcycle. Handles well, brakes well, is a snap to maintain. Its value will depreciate, though, and the Harley won't. If you're gonna pose, get the Harley. It ain't a bad bike at all, has unrivaled aftermarket support and its looks and name are admired by most. The meanie, too, is a good-looking bike. I've met no one who had anything but compliments for it. That Kawasaki name, however, is not so admired.

For some bucks, you can get another 20hp out of it and still have a reliable, rideable bike. It won't be quiet anymore. Mine is still quiet and I like it that way. It is plenty fast for a cruiser bike. You can always make up for any time lost at the stoplight when you get to the first corner. Brake later, lean over farther and pop out on the other side with the lead. But what the hell are you thinking. You’re riding a cruiser bike on the street.

If you want to ride, get the meanie. If you want HP, there is a slightly smaller Kawasaki, a 1400, that makes plenty. It looks like sh!t but goes like stink.

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Just unplug the battery charger and watch them stab away at the starter button, eyes blazing with the anger that only abject frustration born of the realization that they are no match for your mighty 13.9 volt @2500rpm charging rate....Their only alternative is to jump in the family Taurus and race to the nearest Autozone to blurt out "do you have a battery for a Kawasaki? ........It's a green one.." and wait while an equaly skilled counter person looks up "Battery>motorcycle>Kawasaki>green"...

Alas to no availe....they dejectedly trudge back to the car and slowly drive home, stopping at MacDonalds for a healthy nutrious meal for the kids, envious of all the motorcycles they see on the way home, resigned to the fact they'll be doing yard work this weekend instead of their fantasy 150 mile training ride.....
Eh, the Beef Steak was still weak after all the mods.
Oh, that was Cold.........
I resemble that remark!

Although now that I work from home I don't wear the dockers any more. Back to jeans. I can throw out my entire Eddie Bauer wardrobe!
yes it is. Sport bikes are largely a design follows function... rather than a look.
Re: This is MO, you know...

have you seen the m109r?

that thing is ugly...

all though it feels lighter than it looks when you sit on it.
Home run, dorky. The bigots who love to slam crusiers and the people who ride them would be reeeaaal upset if all that development money dried up and sportbike prices accurately reflected the costs of designing and producing them.
It would be funny if the industry realized that the sportsbike segment just ain't worth the stress any more and put all of their money into the cruiser segment.

Not wishing cycle segments to disappear, but it would be fun to watch people freaking out.

"And in other news today; Honda Motor Corp. has just announced that they will concentrate all their vast resources into further-development of only Lawnmowers and Generators, Weed Whackers, the Civic 5-door and the other vehicle developed on that chassis: the Honda Goldwing.

All other motorized vehicles have been discontinued as of Yesterday at 5:00pm CDT."
No it isn't. Sport bikes are styled just like cruisers. If you think they aren't I'd say you aren't being truthful.
Nah. They'd never stop selling their REAL cash cow... the Cub.
I hate to tell you this - but thos'r not really made by Honda - they is actually made by Daimler-Chrysler, under the guise of the "Honda" nameplate.

WAAAAY back at the end of Dubbya-dubbya-Two, when Chrysler and Mercedes was hatchin' their original plans for the fall of Ford, Th' General, an' the 'Murrican way of Life; one of the ways they discovered they could make a quick buck wuz to gussy-up a bicycle with a lil' fartin' 2-smoke engine - so they bullied Soichiro into lettin 'em use the "Honda" name on 'em (it was a blackmail scheme that had something to do with S.H., a Donkey, and fourteen-gallons of Castor Oil). Now, th' reason they used the Honda name wuz cuz they couldn't sell no Chryslers or Mercedes in the Asia region - we'd just whupped Australia's Ass, and the King of Australia had to let-go of all his golf-courses throughout Vietnam and Korea (which is why we had to go back - couldn't have no Masters Tournament with some Pol sittin' on his Pot. Also, the HoChiMin trail was just gettin' its first coat of asphalt and McDonalds already had eighty 'R nineny restaurants plunked-down, right next to the Wal~Marts)

Anyway, that's the REAL story, I'd never Lie to you guys. Conspiracy Theories abound, but this here's the TRUTH.

(I been thinkin 'bout the Kennedy Assasination a LOT lately; but, turns-out some guy already done it..........)
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Here is Further Proof that my previous post is the unvarnished Truth. Look closely at the video - there are absolutely NO people of Japanese (or even Asian!) descent in the video.

In fact, the guy singing is Dr. Z; before growing his first Mustache, and nearly a year before he enrolled in Evil Medical School............
Oh yea they have styling but 95% of a sport bike is designed for a functional purpose... Yea they do sacrofice some aerodynamics usualy for a 'cooler' styling thing but for the most part they're designed with a goal in mind - to go around the track as fast as possible.
I think (I could be wrong, it's happened before) they did finally quit manufacturing the c90, after it became the best selling motor vehicle of all time. I tried to research the exact details but gave up because I don't read pictograms. And because I don't really care.
Re: This is MO, you know...

"For kicks, I would get the Road Star Warrior."

You meant the Triumph R3, V-max, or at least the V-rod right? Granted the Warrior handles better than it has a right to, and a good platform to modify, but for bone stock engineering compared to the above it's a bit wimpy.
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