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Some hose bag messed up my Jawa 90 story. In the paragraph where Mr. Whipsnade is helping us load the crated Jawa into the Pontiac's trunk, you replaced the correct text with something cut 'n pasted from another part of the story. The correct text should read:

"As Mr. Whipsnade helped us load the crated Jawa into the trunk of Grandpa's Pontiac, he kept up the sales spiel: "You know my lad, all the factory Jawa-CZ rider started off on this very model, and that Dave Bickers himself had once...blah blah..."

I wasn't listening, but fantasizing about zipping along some ISDT trail in the Black Forrest, on time and on gold."

So please fix it eh, and keep away from the Molson for a few hours. Hosers.
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