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Who is Longride?

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This is important

So that's who longride is!

When I suggested that MO post reader submissions a few months ago noone seemed to understand me. You have obviously done a great job of teaching MO what MO is really all about. Thanks!

This is what the internet is really for IMHO. You get to listen to the talking heads (fingers?) (mice?) and then talk right back. Some of the threads at MO have been good enough to form the basis of a really good class in civics, foreign policy or group psychology.

I hearby volunteer to help out in any way I can. This is an important venture.
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1) When you plant a link always fertilize it with a) A clear definition of its source b) Your personal opinion of its truth, value and content, and c) Editorial comment on what you consider the main points.

2) Please try to get staff to do the same.

3) Count to ten and contemplate your navel before flaming back. You're improving a lot here, but could do more. You get lots more points blasting the post content rather than the posters mother.

4) Be as nice as you can to JPaulCook. He's easily hurt.

5) Never disagree with rscheidler or me. We're always right.
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Thank you for your efforts longride. They certainly do help in keeping this site interesting between the regular staff's postings. VWW
Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading this stuff from 10,000 miles away - or thereabouts.

Oh, the irony

5) Never disagree with rscheidler or me. We're always right.

"c" what happens when you get too full of yourself?
You didn't say what your degrees were in, although I'm guessing not Liberal Arts. Oh and how does a retired firefighter get into computer programming, enquiring minds want to know.
Re: Oh, the irony

Well, feel free to disagree.
The "secret" Highwayman owns a Ninja!? The world as I know it, has crumbled. Your postings work for me. Enjoy the ride.
Thanks Longride

I think it's great that you're taking the time to upgrade the content and add information on areas that the staff just can't get to. Keep goin', guy.


I was very glad to see you post some content. As I'm sure you already know, I was also a firefighter but now I perform as a paramedic only. I respect your viewpoint and look forward to your reviews, brother. MO, good job on utilizing a resource like Longride.

Longride if you ever get near Baton Rouge please feel free to drop by and I mean that seriously.

Take care,

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Talk Some What?

In the recent urban renewal spirit of the site, I move that the 'Button Formerly Known as Reply' be changed from 'Talk Some Smack' to 'Talk Some Smizzack, yo' or even 'Talk Some Shizzle' as in "Fo' shizzle my nizzle." Over the weekend, someone explaind to me what exactly that means, and I am just more confused. Or confizzused, or something.

Second, I am tremendously glad that MO started as they did, building upon the community BBS 'culture.' I am also glad that MO have taken the leap to the 'pro' level of subscribership, because it should give them the funding to do the big things that I used to have to go to the print mags for.

My point is simply this: Motorcyclist, for example, will be what they are, regardless of subscriber input. "Letters" are there to amuse readers (at best) not to have any impact on the direction of the entity. But at MO, "reader feedback" is vital. I never send letters to editors, because I know how little editors value such things. But I post here all the time, because I feel like I am participating (however periferally) in a community.

It is instructive to note (as others have) that The Interactive Motorcycle died for lack of exactly such a community. Mr. McDaniel had a great site -phoenomenal writing was done there- but little support. I subscribed here not because MO are perfect, but because it's far too good (and important) to lose to apathy. I would only be doing myself a disservice if they went away.

So thanks, Longride, and all at MO. And those gear reviews you mentioned will be appreciated in the very heavens. Maybe try the Belstaff Discovery Jacket. And I've been curious about the DIY heated-grip kit they sell at Aerostich.



(Now that I've shamelessly kissed the collective staff butt, where's my five bucks?)
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Wow! I can actually type 'butt' and not get censored.

How cool is that?!

Thanks, Mom!
I still have nightmares from "Whirry, Not An Once Of Fatty" being the sole news item for 12 frig'n days!

I now visit much more often to check the news items and resulting posts.

Besides, it gives you something better to do than trying to educate Kpaul :)

Thank you, and keep up the good work!
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Hi there LongRide! I am new to this MO thing. I think that having someone that is not part of the "Paid Staff" getting news to us is great. I also think it is great that you will get to try gear and report back to us. Again I feel that we will get an unbiased opinion, not that regulars wouldn't. I seems like you are a normal guy like myself and I would like to read your opinions. Hope it all goes GREAT for ya!


Keep up the great work. Even though you are wrong most of the time. :) Just kidding. Not to rub it in but I went on some rides on Saturday and Sunday. It was chilly 40s :) but fun. Hope the snow and cold isn't getting you down. How about doing a how to column? Since you work on your own bikes You could answer questions from newbies like. How different tire profiles affect your bike handling? If I subsitute a 170/60 for a 180/55 what will happen? What is the best thing for my chain? Is wax better than oil or teflon? How to change a tire? What tools do you recommend? How do I align the wheel when I am done?
Great to see you posting, regardless of your opinion

This site has long been overdue for a good BBS-type format, and I hope to see it develop and thrive.
Re: Suggestions

JPaulCook - who is that, Kmeyn?

Seriously though - thank you longride for stepping up to the plate. I'm impressed that you care enough to actually do something about it. In my book, your stock just went to "market outperform" - despite the earlier (but oh so amusing and edifying) poopslinging (I knew sh*t would get censored) between you and KPaul. Jmeyn, you are the omniscient one - keep up the mousetapping. I can't believe you got Banda to bite on point number 5! Now if Gabe, Highwayman and KPaul become quasi-staff then poor ol' Burnsie would almost be out of a job - but again, if you dump Burns I'm quitting so there...
Longride: could you be the breath of fresh air (so to speak) that MO needs so badly?

Will sneak peeks at things to come be a part of your domain of reporting? This is one area where we the readers are forced to search other sites for this information.

I would like to suggest a couple of potential subjects for you:

1) hot weather riding gear evaluations, 2) a motorcycle insurance comparison (bang for the buck), and 3) a comparison of security locks for our bikes.

Good luck Longride!
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I actually wasn't wondering who Longride was, nor was I particularly excited to find out.

And I don't seem to agree with him much; however, he seems like a good bloke and is doing a good job here, so I'm glad for that.

Keep up the good work, Longride!
Oh I forgot...

5a) DucButt is always right too.
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