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Talk Some What?

In the recent urban renewal spirit of the site, I move that the 'Button Formerly Known as Reply' be changed from 'Talk Some Smack' to 'Talk Some Smizzack, yo' or even 'Talk Some Shizzle' as in "Fo' shizzle my nizzle." Over the weekend, someone explaind to me what exactly that means, and I am just more confused. Or confizzused, or something.

Second, I am tremendously glad that MO started as they did, building upon the community BBS 'culture.' I am also glad that MO have taken the leap to the 'pro' level of subscribership, because it should give them the funding to do the big things that I used to have to go to the print mags for.

My point is simply this: Motorcyclist, for example, will be what they are, regardless of subscriber input. "Letters" are there to amuse readers (at best) not to have any impact on the direction of the entity. But at MO, "reader feedback" is vital. I never send letters to editors, because I know how little editors value such things. But I post here all the time, because I feel like I am participating (however periferally) in a community.

It is instructive to note (as others have) that The Interactive Motorcycle died for lack of exactly such a community. Mr. McDaniel had a great site -phoenomenal writing was done there- but little support. I subscribed here not because MO are perfect, but because it's far too good (and important) to lose to apathy. I would only be doing myself a disservice if they went away.

So thanks, Longride, and all at MO. And those gear reviews you mentioned will be appreciated in the very heavens. Maybe try the Belstaff Discovery Jacket. And I've been curious about the DIY heated-grip kit they sell at Aerostich.



(Now that I've shamelessly kissed the collective staff butt, where's my five bucks?)
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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