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Re: Suggestions

JPaulCook - who is that, Kmeyn?

Seriously though - thank you longride for stepping up to the plate. I'm impressed that you care enough to actually do something about it. In my book, your stock just went to "market outperform" - despite the earlier (but oh so amusing and edifying) poopslinging (I knew sh*t would get censored) between you and KPaul. Jmeyn, you are the omniscient one - keep up the mousetapping. I can't believe you got Banda to bite on point number 5! Now if Gabe, Highwayman and KPaul become quasi-staff then poor ol' Burnsie would almost be out of a job - but again, if you dump Burns I'm quitting so there...
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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