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Who is Longride?

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This is important

So that's who longride is!

When I suggested that MO post reader submissions a few months ago noone seemed to understand me. You have obviously done a great job of teaching MO what MO is really all about. Thanks!

This is what the internet is really for IMHO. You get to listen to the talking heads (fingers?) (mice?) and then talk right back. Some of the threads at MO have been good enough to form the basis of a really good class in civics, foreign policy or group psychology.

I hearby volunteer to help out in any way I can. This is an important venture.
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Re: Oh, the irony

Hell, there will always be plenty of both on this site to keep you busy. I know I will do my part ;-)


Re: Where's the Bitter One?

JB is off to Australia for a week to test a new bike...

Stay tuned!
Longride is the man!


I have enjoyed many of your postings and had a few good laughs about some of the sh*t too. Keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to inform us MOians....
I just had to take the Glide in and beat the dealer about the head and neck. It seems the inspection cover wasn't installed properly and my oil-leaking harley was really leaking oil in my garage!

They just put a new gasket in and tightened it properly and all is well. I even made 'em clean it for my trouble. I've got a whopping 300 miles on her now. I just returned from 5 days in Florida so I'm going to take a long lunch break now so I can put a few miles on before the rain arrives.

By the way, the TourPak lid organizer works very nicely.
LOL. My wife reminds me that when I was single I never had a car longer than 2 years. So I never bought tire setc. I just bought a new car.
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