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Why a Buddhist approach to traffic is often best...

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Yet another reason to wear a full face helment and body armor...
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That and practicing left-handed marksmanship. If I witnessed this there would have been an "X-factor" in this equation.
It seems they're not "looking" for the suspect anymore - I'd say they found him.

However, as there seems to be no further action, I'd say he was a City Council member, or the Chief of Police's son, or something. This will be another "What did the Motorcyclist *DO* to that poor man to make him react so?"

Then give him probation, or 25hrs of community service, or a $50 fine. For Assault with a Deadly Weapon, 2nd-degree Battery, Leaving the Scene of an Injury-Motor-Vehicle "Accident", and/or possibly Attempted 2nd-Degree Murder.
Yup, you've got to practice the"weak" hand.
I do not understand why anyone would let a car catch him and get close enough to run him over after the same cage had just tried to take him out once. Get on the gas already!

As noted above, another good reason to wear a full face helmet and other gear. I doubt the story would read the same way if the guy on the bike had a full face helmet with Icon Timax gloves. My brother has a pair and when I saw them I was blown away...those suckers are crazy mid-evil! I bet you could remove 2 teeth right through the drivers side window in one fell swoop with the full gauntlet version. At least I know I could have in the same situation, had I been unable to loose the bad guy in traffic or through speed.
Agreed. and those gloves are cool.. good post
A helmet on your head is a HUGE disadvantage in a fight. I'd much rather have my helmet in my hand, but it ain't that great a weapon either.
Against an unhelmeted cage driver dufus? "The problem with these boys is they have never been in a bar fight" Colin Powell when talking about W, Rumsfield, Rice, and Wolfwitz.. goes for you too longride. One thing they teach you in football/hockey is never take off your helmet in a fight... I think a helmet is huge advantage. Think about you can head butt, couple that with some good gloves like those Icon things and a jacket with elbow pads to block punches. I suspect with your physical size you never were in too many fights i.e you used it to intimidate/bully people didn't you cause you still do it here?
I'll take a helmet by the chin-bar before I wear one in a fight any day. Somebody gets a hold of your helmet while you stradle a 400-500 lb. motorcycle......good luck.
Reverse logic

Keep your face shield closed dufus.. He smashes your faceshield that becomes evidence..When someone hits me from behind and corners me.. I would be thinking offensive not defensive.. Using your logic Police wouldn't wear Riot ger helmets.. The minute the guy hits me from behind I hit the gas and find place to call the cops. Unless I am cornered then I become completely offensive. i.e he doesn't get a chance to grab anything..
Any car I kick is going to dissappear in the rear view mirror. It's going to have to be one very fast buick to ram me from behind, if there is so much a three foot wide gap for me to get through.
Agreed.. The minute you stop your bike things begin to go down hill. I took a little self defense/karate (I should have completed it). You only fight back enough so you can flee i.e you don't stand there like Bruce Lee and duke it out like Fists of Fury..Otherwise you get in trouble legally.
Don't get me wrong. The minute you stop your bike you are in trouble. Then you only fight back enough so you can flee i.e you don't stand there like Bruce Lee and duke it out like Fists of Fury..Otherwise you get in trouble legally.
Read the MO Article...

That I wrote, ahem, ahem...

Anybody who has read that story will know not to react when a road-rager threatens you...just get the frick out of the area as fast as you can.

I don't care how bad you think you are, or how many guns you have, a guy in a car will run you over flat and dead before you even know what's happening. This is the third story like this in a week, I think.

Don't do it...

I used to kick car doors and bust off mirrors, etc. But after doing some research, and paying attention in traffic, I know that somebody really reckless and enraged can track a speeding bike for miles, and catch up to them when they're not expecting it. Think about it.

It happened to my friend Julian Long in 1999. It can happen to you.

Re: Read the MO Article...

Good reminder Gabe thanks
Re: Don't do it...

Right I went back and reread the story. When I first read the story I thought the cyclist kicked the car in a defensive manner. If he did it out of anger than that was a bad thing. One time a bicyclist smacked the hood of my car cause he thought I didn't see him. He was using the crosswalk and I think he thought Iwas going to pull forward and hit him. I remember how pissed I was someone touched my car like that..
Best road rage incident ever:

A few years ago in Boston some guy was moving his stuff in a pick up truck. Another guy hit his truck and a verbal altercation began. The guy gets out of his truck and reaches into the pickup and pulls out a sword. The other guy runs around the truck then reaches in and grabs the other sword. A sword fight then ensued! Not sure if we're talking Cutlass, Claymore or Katana here, but man, how lucky were those passers-by?
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