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Why Such Big Lean on Sidestand

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I know I'm not the only person who is bothered by how much my bike (cruiser, Honda Shadow 1100) leans to the left side when it is on the kickstand / sidestand.

I saw some photos of other peoples' bikes with a piece of a wooden board underneath the kickstand to lift it up, to make the lean angle less extreme.

Why don't motorcycle manufacturers build a kickstand to a height that gives you a slight lean when the bike is parked instead of an extreme lean.

I imagine this would be better for the engine is when it's idling : doesn't the oil have trouble pumping if the oil is not centrally located in the bottom of the crankcase?

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts,..... the oil pump intake is so low in the crankcase, almost touching the bottom of oil pan, that even leaning, is under the level. If starved, the oil pressure switch light would let you know immediately. ....

The more the bike leans, the safer it is against strong winds (Easy Rider said that already). or from somebody given it a little push, either intentionaly or unintentionaly. . Only inconvenient is of course, it takes a bit more effort to straighten the bike, but better that than finding it laying down, and then it would really be heavy to lift.

...I rest the sidestand on wooden block in the garage, takes less space....................... but in the open, outside, parked anywhere,........... l let it rest sidestand only. Harder for anything, or anybody to flip it.
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