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Will Russell See His Sixth Daytona Title?

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Keep him outta the bars and he might well do it!
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Re: Go Ducati!

I hope so. I'm a big 996 fan, and hope that Russell can work his magic and put the Duc on the #1 podium spot. If Russell rides like he has in his past 5 wins, the Ducati can hang with anything on the track.

Good Riding,

Russel, or anyone else as a rider has not been thr problem with Ducati at Daytona. To win, a bike must first finish the race. I predict a failure of the chain when the race is about half complete.
Isn't this a re-run? Have we not talked about this already? Well anyway I'll repeat myself for sake of good conversation HE HE HE! Like I said in a similar post weeks prior to this, I think russel is going to ride the crap out of the ducati. The Ducati I predict will fail at some point in the race, for no specific reason. I can speculate on motor failure and what not, but I choose to just say fail. Once again for the third time I predict Nicky Hayden to win the race with Mladin coming in 2nd and oh let me think hmmmmm......ahh what the hell lets say duhamel 3rd. I'm sure I'll eat my words, but I just have to make my "Jimmy the Greek" prediction.
A Georgian!!!

A Georgian, stay out of a bar? NOooooo!!!!
Wise choice. Although I think they are going to great measures to assure durabilty, but Scott doesn't run the bike around Daytona as hard as some folks (Bayliss, Gobert) so maybe the bike may last a bit longer.
the "big if" is if the ducati will hold together, even with "mr. daytona" at the helm. at least it can run fast, unlike his last ride which ran slow & broke, too. but one of the hondas (hopefully miguel's) will take the race. f- ducati, f- yamaha.
Can you say upset, someone named Kurtis Roberts and Scott Russell. If Kurtis Crashes and Russell's bike blows then NIcky will win it.
well, while we are making "greek" predictions, Pascal should win it. There. Now all yoose can bombard me with your snide remarks, we will see what the motor co. has up their sleeve
I just hope it doen't rain that day. I better get the greens ready.
Re: Go Ducati!

this year, like every other year so far, the harley VR will win, uncontested.
The Ducati will blow it's guts (or some smaller part)all over the speedway ! It'll be another Suzuki victory with Mladin at the controls followed by Gobert on the Yamaha and then Hayden on the Honda. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Of course it could finally be the HD VR1000 but we're talking reality here.
This will be the most competative 200 EVER! Nicky showed he could run upfront last year. Maladin is as solid as a rock and has figured the 200 out for the last 2 years. Duhamel will be upfront he knows how to win the 200 as well. As far as Russel is concerned to me the only question is will the Duck hold up?

Let's not also forget about Chandler. This could be his last season and while he may not contain the motiviation and desire to win another Championship (or does he) there is one thing he wants more then anything and that is the elusive win at Daytona. We know the Kawi can win and we know Chandler can win I say look for him to be upfront as well.

As for Gobert yes he is fast but unless he has figured something knew out he won't be upfront at the 200.

The wild cards for me will be E. Bostrom, Yates, Hacking and Slighty. They are all fast but I don't believe any of them have had real good runs at the 200 save for maybe Hacking in his first run at the 200 making the podium.

Anyway, these are my predictions. In the end I believe we will see 3 or 4 bikes drafting for the checkered instead of the traditional two bikes. I will be exciting nonetheless.
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If anyone can do it on the Ducati Russell can. I just looked at last

years results and Rapp finished 6th on the V&H Ducati and he was on

the same lap as the winners so it can do the distance. I think it's

going to be a great race. Unfortunately I think Nicky's hand might

injury could prove a factor so if I were a betting man my money would

be on Mladin for another win. But, I really would like to see Russel

do it again and on the Duc! MR. DAYTONA (he could use it :)
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