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This will be the most competative 200 EVER! Nicky showed he could run upfront last year. Maladin is as solid as a rock and has figured the 200 out for the last 2 years. Duhamel will be upfront he knows how to win the 200 as well. As far as Russel is concerned to me the only question is will the Duck hold up?

Let's not also forget about Chandler. This could be his last season and while he may not contain the motiviation and desire to win another Championship (or does he) there is one thing he wants more then anything and that is the elusive win at Daytona. We know the Kawi can win and we know Chandler can win I say look for him to be upfront as well.

As for Gobert yes he is fast but unless he has figured something knew out he won't be upfront at the 200.

The wild cards for me will be E. Bostrom, Yates, Hacking and Slighty. They are all fast but I don't believe any of them have had real good runs at the 200 save for maybe Hacking in his first run at the 200 making the podium.

Anyway, these are my predictions. In the end I believe we will see 3 or 4 bikes drafting for the checkered instead of the traditional two bikes. I will be exciting nonetheless.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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