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I'm confused and a little scared of this jacket.

read their terms page:

I quote:

"(1)Never use this produce when riding a horse or at any other time when undertaking any activity that requires your energy or attention.

(2)Never cover yourself, or the product, with a blanket or with any other material while using the product.

(3)Never use the product for more than 45 minutes.

(4)Never leave this product in use or turned ON while unattended. "


"(5)Jett Australia and its Associates recommend that persons seek medical advice prior to using this product.

(6)Hand wash or dry clean only.

(7)The lifetime of the product when used properly is 12 months and it should not be used after this time has expired."

ok i guess not being able to throw it in the washer is ok. :)


(1) like maybe riding a motorcycle?

(2) like under a jacket? its a vest... vests go under a jacket

(3) so as long as the cold only effects you in 45 minute increments its ok.

(4) sounds fishy to me

(5) as in check with a psychiatrist cause after reading the disclaimers who in their right mind would buy this? am i reading this one correct?

(7) the damn thing decays?

now take (7) with an explanation of the technology used in the vest

So you are microwaving your body (oh ok according to them it only goes 1 inch into your body) with something that they can only provide references to a 1981 and 1989 study to prove its safe.

And this vest that nukes your body becomes unstable for use after 1 year?

i think they are correct with (5), in asking you to check in with a doctor (read as psychiatrist).

I'd feel safer running exposed copper around my body and letting the electric shock stimulate my muscles and indirectly warm me, the same way shivering works. But this way i can electrocute.. i mean warm... myself for years on end, not just 12 months. and i saved myself a psychiatirst visit.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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