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Well, since this is turning into one of the rare (GASP!) "On Topic" threads , - what do all of you year 'round riders wear in the cold?

"Wet" is another topic, for another time.

I've got for my own personal defense:

>Three different weights of long underwear - varies depending on ambient temperature.

>An old Eclipse 'lectric vest, unknown wattage, unknown age (got it 2nd-hand). Worn over work clothes

This vest uses the SAE-type connectors. It came with a coiled cord and a crappy inline "lamp-cord" style switch. My major problem with the vest has been the cord flexibility - I move around so much, the copper wires in the switch terminals keep breaking. Any suggestions for an inexpensive (but not cheap!) replacement? I mean, fer crissakes - it's just a Four-Asterisk'n switch - why in the Four-Asterisk does everybodies switches cost $150 and up?

>Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket - gimme from a friend who didn't like it.

I didn't think I would either, but it fits me surprisingly well. It feels "secure", keeps wind out, and is advertised as "waterproof". I have to say; it is - for at least a moderate rain, ~1hr or so (haven't "tested" longer). So far, it's reasonably warm down to about ~40deg F with the liner, and without the 'lectrics - haven't tested it colder yet.

>MotoGP Jacket armoured jacket (can't 'member the model - it's the OD Green one with the retro-reflectives)

Got a deal on it for No-name-brand snowmobile/ski gloves - work passably well, down to ~25deg F.

>"****ies" brand insulated coveralls. I've been considering getting a set of insulated "bib overalls" to replace these - less bulk under the armoured jackets. And, with my 'lectric vest, somewhat redundant.

As my overcoat, I used to use an old Navy-issued Arctic jacket - it was my Dad's when he was sent on an Icebreaker in the '60s in an attempt to circumnavigate North America. Since he's gone now, I decided to retire it to occasional non-moto duty (some of you old-timer Navy guys might recognize it - the one with the "Life Preserver" foam liner). Replacing this was actually why I bought the MotoGP jacket.

>Dual-temp grip heaters

I haven't actually installed these yet, several reasons. One pretty good reason - WHY doesn't anybody carry some frakkin' stock-style handgrips? I mean, you can find frakkin' fuschia pink ones in every dealership in the nation - but NOTHING that looks like, fits like, or works as well as the stock grips (for a reasonable price! $35 for a set of stock grips is NOT reasonable!)

The closest I've come is these silicone Pro-grips. Grippy, squishy, fairly easy to install. But they don't look quite like the Yamaha stockers.

I've also been considering a set of "bark busters", but nobody seems interested in making a set for my commuter (FZ6). I've looked into adapting a set of the ones Suzuki uses on the WeeStrom/VeeThurmond twins, but the local dealer I tried to discuss it with hires Idiots. I believe they still think that I'm trying to trade my FZ6 for a DL650. I never DID even get a price on the parts.............

I have poor circulation in my hands, and a mild case of tendonitis - keeping them warm goes a LONG way toward maintaining feeling in my hands during the ~50-min/35mile commute. (one way - you gotta slow down for those small towns, or Deputy Fife will add your revenues to his own)
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