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With Evel as a Hero Daredevil Tries for 315 Feet.

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Crazy, IMHO.
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If I forget, remind me not to watch.
Why? What is wrong with this guy? Why would someone want to attempt this? Tell ya what... I'll save you the embaracment of doing it in front of a huge crowd. Just come by my house tonight and I'll brake one of your legs for free... This way you wont have to fix that bike afterwards.
Didnt Evel Kneivel used to jump over canyons where the bottom was a thousand feet down? I applaud this guy for his little stunt but it seems kind of timid by Kneivel standards. Then again, we've had a succession of fairly timid generations since the 60s, havent we. 40 years ago we landed on the moon. 50 years ago we built the entire interstate highway system, with all the mountain and riverine bridges, in less time than it now takes to complete the average spaghetti junction. And popular music really sucks now too, compared to the hayday of the Stones, Zeppelin, the Doors, Beatles, etc. etc. etc.
"spaghetti junction" sounds like you're familiar with Atlanta. Your comment about flying through the air 315ft being "timid". Any guy that has the stones to fly a football field doesn't sound timid. He's got to get the bike up to around 100mph and have a take-off ramp that puts him easily 100 ft off the ground. Timid- I think not. It's like saying Mike Metzger was timid for back flipping a bike over the fountains at the Palace because he was on a dirt bike instead of Evel's XR750.
Well, sort of -- if you call launching a rocket that happens to have two wheels and a parachute a motorcycle jump. Evel's real jumps were much more impressive than his attempt to 'fly' over the canyon.

You have to wonder though, how we were able to build the interstate system as you mentioned, but we can't seem to stay on top of fixing the potholes now. Maybe it's because of all the money being wasted on a pointless war. But wait -- we had one of those back in the 60's too...
Nuts, crazy !!!!

I hate this aspect of motorcycling and the publicity that it generates.
Why? Why trapeze? Why lion tame? Why stunt? Why fire-breath?

It's pure entertainment. I'd rather watch this than most everything else (save for motorcycle racing) on television. Brings back memories when we used to just set up a wooden board on something else big, hard, and heavy to see how much air we could get on our BMX bikes.

I'll even purchase a commemorative lunch box after, if they're for sale.
Don't hate...just watch in AWE

as opposed to all the poseurs in their tough guy costumes binning it in the first high speed bend they encounter or stunters in tank top/jeans doing wheelies down the interstate at 100+?

Yeah, it'd probably be a better PR situation if he did it through an active school zone, instead of on a closed-course/controlled environment. Just think how much better NFL Football's PR reputation would be if they didn't do all that running and tackling.

You sound like a grumpy old man.

Re: Huh?

Aren't you supposed to be putting new switch gear on the KLR?
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