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'Wobble' to Blame for Officer's Death?

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Damning Evidence

Sometimes it is the tool. Sad, whatever the reason.

Pretty damning evidence, a statement from MCN in a review saying the thing was unstable over 85.
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Re: Damning Evidence

Who knows, some people think Harleys are the best bikes ever made and feel cool cuz they ride one. As advanced and well-made as other brand's motorcycles are, I also wonder why the police force would choose Harley.
Yeah I missed the part that he ran over the concrete bag, then the bike wobbled. I'd be pretty scared if I hit one on my CBR1krr and am pretty sure the bike would unstable itself. Anyways, I would still choose BMW over Harley, especially for police work :)
1 - 2 of 94 Posts
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