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'Wobble' to Blame for Officer's Death?

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Damning Evidence

Sometimes it is the tool. Sad, whatever the reason.

Pretty damning evidence, a statement from MCN in a review saying the thing was unstable over 85.
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I find the comment that all motorcycles wobble at high speed to be a bit misleading. True, but for some bikes (many) that speed is well into triple digits.

Basically 85 is not a high speed pursuit as many of us travel that fast routinely on the freeway, but passing a truck while in/approaching a corner is a high risk activity at best.

Even though I personally would not choose a Harley to pull over vehicles at ordinary interstate speeds, the officer should be aware of the handling limitations of the bike he is assigned to operate. Regardless my condolensces to his family.
Personal experience doesn't count.

You're just a GPTB Fox viewer.
What did that cycle cop expect the car to do if he caught up with it??? Maybe hit it in the bumper to spin the car sideways. This cop wasn't thinking clearly and he paid the price. Same thing happens (at times) when the "chased" is on a motorcycle, the outcome can be very messy. My question is this: Why do police feel they can endanger the rest of the public with these chases in the first place?? Maybe if the suspect has committed some heinous crime but if it is only for some traffic offense I say chases are ridiculous and only turn a minor offense into a possible felony because of split second bad decisions by both the parties. Harley Davidson should not be culpable in this lawsuit because police motorcycles are not meant for taking on cars in high speed pursuits. Why not the construction crew who left the cement bag on the side of the highway?

By the way, the Buell Ulysses is much better suited for being used as a cop bike. I believe at least one is being used as a police bike somewhere.
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I haven't felt anything riding my dad's '06 Road Glide. It's solid and comfy, albeit a little weak. Great for touring.
The Road Glide has the fairing mounted to the frame. The E-Glide has the fairing mounted to the bars so the steering is a lot heavier and you can feel it wiggle when you pull up alongside an 18 wheeler.

I just relax and pass them and it's never really been a problem.
There ya go again. Trying to inject real world experience into a subject that is supposed to be settled through theory, secondhand rumors and spec sheets.

Tsk tsk.
No doubt the police like the Hogs because of the image they project, the same reason the CHP motor officers wear the silly 1920's uniform that pretty much guarantees nasty injuries anytime they come off the bike. It's like, the Chinese, they've seen the fork.

The CHP has seen Aearostich gear and flip-up full-face helmets, but they choose to put themselves at risk. Or the people in charge do anyway. Welcome to govt. agencies that defy logic.
LOL you beat me to it..

Though you your intuition probably is accurate

"The Road Glide has the fairing mounted to the frame. The E-Glide has the fairing mounted to the bars so the steering is a lot heavier and you can feel it wiggle when you pull up alongside an 18 wheeler"
WSP uses proper gear flip full face helmets etc... I thought it might be a blue state thing.. Probably still is Northern Cal is blue and SoCal is red? Most CHPs motorcycle officiers are in SoCal...
Personally, I couldn't sue a dealership that had a fundraiser for my family.
It's probably not real world experience because everyone knows a Harley can't pass an 18 wheeler.
Yeah KP. LA is really red. Buncha neo cons trolling the the red carpets.

The neo cons all live near me in San Diego which is why it's the nicest part of the state with the lowest crime rate.

The rest of the state vacations here but we won't let 'em stay.
Motorcycle cops are not professional motorcycle riders but they are very skilled in general. Their classes are far more advanced than the advanced motorcycle safety courses taught by the MSF. They might not be experts on a racetrack but they know how to avoid trouble and they are even taught how to crash when forced into it; they practice it. Unfortunately it didn't help this poor fellow. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the glide is a bad cop bike, I have no clue, I've never ridden one and I'm not a cop. However, it shouldn't be discounted that the bike had a wobble that was dangerous to the rider. Not to say that Harley is at fault, clearly lots of folks ride glides without running into guard rails. But I'd be pretty pissed at that dealership if I was that guy's family. My neighborhood suzuki dealership 'serviced' my breaks and I was halfway home before I realized that the rear break line was broken and the whole assembly wasn't bolted on properly. Crap like that happens.
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thanks for validating my world view ;) I am sure the city core is blue, OC red etc SD same way..but recently even the burbs are going blue as more folks catch on.
I could if they killed my wife.
I agree a fundraiser probably would bring in several thousand dollars vs. a lawsuit would net possibly 100s of thousands.
I've never been a fan of fork mounting fairings so like my dad, the Road Glide does it for me.

J&L HD in Sioux Falls has a spanky new Street Rod discounted to $12.5K.
I like the Road Glide. I just have to get over the Jimmy Durante nose.

The Street Rod is a sweet ride. I just got done flogging one with fellow MoFOs.
"Lowest Crime Rate in California" means that you can sleep several nights a year without being awakened by gunfire.
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