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I would have to agree on preferring the Ventura system. I have used a similiar products to the wolfman system (Chase Harper Stealth bags) on my SV650, and while these type of systems are great for shorter jaunts or around town, for serious touring, the ventura system allows more than twice the capacity. In addition, the system is VERY secure and comes with rain gear that fits exceptionally and remains in place during high speed. Ventura rates their luggage for speeds up to 80 MPH, but I have exceeded this on both, a suzuki RF600 and a BMW R850R. Never experienced any problems with sppeds in the triple digits.

I have since transitioned to Hard Bags on my Triumph Tiger, but if I were to use a soft luggage system again (i.e. on the SV650 still in my personal fleet of two), I'd go for the Ventura.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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