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Women's Superbike School Feedback

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I wanna go riding with Sugi! Sweet bike too. :)
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1. I've taken two of Mr. Code's classes.

2. MO doesn't call me Anonymous Squid because I took two minutes to register.

Dudes, I've seen Sugi ride Mulholland. Now she's really gonna leave me and my Ascot in the smoke!

Nice commentary, Sugi. See ya at the Store.
You have an ascot?? I want one of those!
Geez it took me 10 minutes to register- is that because I'm a squid?
Re: Women''s Superbike School Feedback

i read her report , and couldnt agree more. i just finished the same course in new hampshire in the beginning of this month, and it was the best most fun thing i have done in a long time. i did the two day course, using keiths bikes, and leathers, and want to go again. keep riding girl.

Re: Women''s Superbike School Feedback

Really? You were in the school with me? Who are ya? show your face!!! hehehe :)

I'm not sure if anyone saw it, but Speedvision did a thing on the all women's Keith Code on their episode of Motorcyclist last night. Did anyone see it? I missed it because I don't have speedvision, but a friend taped it so I can't wait to watch it! :)

Watch out, I'm headed straight to the top baby! LOL Too bad minime didn't get any cool pics of me going fast ;)
Yeah, it can be frustrating. The school I did, the FAST riding school at Shannonville Motorsport Park, Ontario (Canada), did not allow passing on the corners at all during our free rides, only on the straights. So of course I get stuck behind this guy who, while he held me up in the corners, would pin the throttle on the corner exits, making it very difficult to get past him on the restricted 6R's we were using. I followed him for a little while, unable to pull him on the straights, until eventually I outbraked him into a corner and got around him. Funny thing, he then started to fall behind very quickly.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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