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Congrats! Aspiring to be your own wrench is an investment in yourself. Like rider education, you can transfer what you learn to your next bike.

First, be realistic. Only you know what your mechanical abilities are. Most things can be done at home with a good place to work, the right tools and some dilligence, but getting in over your head can mean lots of downtime and additional expense if you need a shop to rescue you.

As for service info:

Of course your owners manual will have the basics like oil and filter change intervals.

The official factory service manual is usually a good investment. These run around $50 - $70. The Suzuki rags are generally well done. Clymer and Haynes manuals can vary in quality, but it never hurts to have additional perspective.

Invest some of that cash you'll be saving on shop fees on some quality tools. Sears is your friend :) Sometimes specialized factory service tools are invaluable, other times a few regular tools and some ingenuity are just as good.

Find a good GSXR community. There's probably several on the Internet - is a good place to start. Many communities have bad "signal to noise" ratios (off topic threads, flame wars, etc), but a good one can offer an incredible amount of knowledge and can be your best source of info. There may be a club in your area you can join too. Of course with a bike like that, just going to a track day might net you some handy friends ;-)

Good luck!

BTW - If you are interested in the extended warranty extension, try haggling with your dealer. They might come down substantially. $1500 seems steep on a bike that shouldn't give you much grief if properly cared for.

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