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World’s Longest Motorcycle

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Yes but is it a contender for the "stoppie record"?
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OK, the motorcycle powered by chainsaws was interesting, the motorcycle built from 2x4s was funny, but this one is just dumb. I will attempt the world's longest bowel movement in its honor.
Amazing what a long, cold winter and lots of Vodka can do for a guy's creativity.
Said Oleg once before he died, when queried as to why he built it:

"I haf a lot of Biotches ven coming back from Nightclub. I need someplace to sit them all, so I make moto in proportion to size of memberski.........."
It's either build a useless motorcycle or get drunk. I guess this guy did both.
With that URAL engine you'd need that many passangers to help peddle kick it after it breaks down!
Excellent Point
Well said.
What's the record for longest period of time between talking about something and actually doing it?
A Lifetime.
LOL Good one
He's waiting for Chrysler to build one.
We're talking about the squid, right? I've been up a long time.
i'm trying to picture taking a right hand turn in the city and coming up blank......anyone?
Yeah, but it's cool, he loves the attention.

The Chrysler comment comes from his excuse about why he doesn't own a biodiesel car despite bleating about their awesome wonderfulness and wonderful awesomeness- "I'm waiting for Chrysler to build one."

That's either head-shakingly goofy or ironically evasive. I don't know which. Since he's half weasel-half schizoid, take your pick.

Good thing that propeller shaft has a cage around it...........
Somewhere between Soap-on-a-Rope and Blacks on Blondes lies this paragon of human ingenuity.
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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