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World Cup Beckons For DiSalvo

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Anyone know if the Suzuki Cup will be broadcast on Speed, or some other US network?
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I was at the NESBA VIR North Course trackday this past Monday when AMA racers, Jason DiSalvo, Chris Ulrich and Marty Craggil were on track to get some practice for this weekend.

I can sum it up in one word: AWESOME. Jason DiSalvo is truly the Next Big Thing. The kid is 18 and was absolutely railing, passing guys in the 150+ front straight kink on his 250 2-stroke, while everyone else was on GSXR-750s and 1000s!

He passed me in turn 3 dragging his elbow on the curb, and then flicked through the 4-5 chicane so fast I almost went off track I was so floored. Seriously, I have never seen anyone lean a bike over so far, so fast.

My prediction - DiSalvo will be duking it out with Hayden and Hopkins in a return to American dominance of GP racing. Then they will HAVE to bring a GP back to the US - make it Road America!
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I hope he sticks with 250s for his first year in Europe. He sure knows how to carry speed through corners, but he still needs seasoning. How good do you think he will be as a development rider?

What were you riding?
Hi jmeyn,

Actually, during the trackday Monday I was talking to him for a while and he actually spent the last 2 years racing 250 in Europe privateer ranks. Similar to Kurtis Roberts before he returned to the US.

He's a great talent, obviously by his finish in the 2nd Superbike race.

I was riding my Aprilia Mille R, and doing low 1:40's compared to his low 1:30's. 10 seconds is something unbelievable to experience on a race track. All the racers were top-notch guys though, and I never felt pressured by them. They passed you quite graciously, as long as you held your line consistently...

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