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World Record Jump

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first post

Nice to see someone still considers suicde an imployment option.
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With a jump like that I can see why they are crusty! I would need some new drawers myself. First Post!
That looks like something i did as a kid on my bmx and I am sure I smashed my giblets. Very cool though.

Typos! We got Typos here. Come and get 'em!
I can't listen to you. You're just trying to prove how cool you are again! LOL
I wonder what Robbie Knievel has to say about this. It has seemed to me, for quite some time now, that these guys with their motocross/x-games experience had long since eclipsed what Robbie does. And they make it look easy. Robbie ends up looking kinda dumb doing it in a parking lot with not enough room, so he breaks his hand sliding into a bunch of haybales.

Heck I'm surprised Trigger didn't throw in the standard tabletop whip during the jump.
I take it back. Another guy (Robbie Maddison) set the world record for longest trick distance that same night with a 246' superman seat grab.
Ouch! I know that's gotta hurt!

In another story, they said that Mike Metzger lost a testical and damn-near turned himself inside-out while performing.
Re: Ouch! I know that's gotta hurt!

Why? Did he get divorced?
Re: first post

Whattaya mean, suicide? Evel Knievel's still alive. Sorta. Well, parts of him, anyway.

And Evel did all his big jumps on an honest-to-'murica Harley-Davidson XR, complete with suspension designed in the Stone Age. Relatively speaking, landing these lightweight MXers with suspension travel measured in feet has to be a piece of cake. Or at least providing a somewhat improved probability of success. :)
Cool, nice to see testosterone induced bravado live and well. i.e IMHO all great male achievements start with that.
Re: first post

Yep Good Point. I wonder how long this jump in Evel feet i.e. 2005 feet adjusted for 1970s technology.
That is without question better than anything those goofy stuntaz do.
I think I can top it. Someone get me a GSX-R.
All say "yay."

Absolutely, much better--and at no risk to anyone but himself.

And what a dead, solid, perfect landing!

(I hearby swear to never use another golf expression in this forum again.)
Re: first post

Evel Knievel's longest and most publizied jumps were done on a re-badged Laverda, called an American Eagle. VWW
Re: Ouch! I know that's gotta hurt!

You've got a point there Buz. Losing a testicle is bad, but when you get a divorce they go for the whole package. VWW
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