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World Record Jump

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Nice to see someone still considers suicde an imployment option.
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I liked the way he rotated mid-flight and then went back to the attitude he had at launch! When I haven't been working it's been good ridng weather... except today, going for a spin soon anyways... F' em! Just jumping on to read some of the posts, small mindless replies, when time allows. Longride got a Buza!, tried to talk Sean into a Buza/ZX-12R comparo but no go, guess he's scared (for me). Buzz talking about losing the MV for garage space but I think he should put it (or an F1) on his coffee table, that thing is ART. Martin's gonna do a motorcycle physics class, hope he can put it online somehow, I'd enroll. The short-shiftin', 9k king is officially back, oh well and hi. Hi to all my GPTB bros out there that I haven't talked to for a bit, hope the summers gonna allow some two wheel time for ya. Lastly, Martin, what WERE you thinking! Everybody knows that we all throw our stuff away after one use. What possible purpose would a long term review of equipment serve? ;-)
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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